When I Am Afraid

The Lord gave me this song to write in 2016 during a time when I was going through some trials. I must have reblogged it in 2018, because I have a note on it from that year, as well. But, again I am going through a trial where the enemy is definitely pursuing me and where I am being tempted to be afraid. So, the Lord put this in my heart again today to comfort and encourage me. And, I could use your prayers, too, that I will have the peace of God in this situation.

Run With It

When the Lord Jesus gave me this song to write, on October 17, 2016, he had been taking me through a trial with bed bugs. I had never had bed bugs before. I didn’t think I would ever get them, either, so this definitely took me by surprise. Yet, through this trial the Lord was rearranging my priorities, and he was purifying my heart to make me more like Jesus.

He, as well, was teaching me to rest in him through this. We had had the bugs nearly 2 weeks, at this point, but the Lord had not yet seen fit to deliver us from them. Instead, he was encouraging me to find my strength in him, to rest in him, to not fret, and to let him work in my life what he wanted to do, and for the praise of his glory, and for my good.

The next…

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