Holiness is Love

This blogger equates holiness to loving God and others. It is a good read.

Canadian Bible Guy

In Christianity, we have our own set of words that no one else seems to really use in any other area of society. Sanctification, anointing, stewardship, and the like, are terms that we often throw around regularly. Another one is holiness. I think we have used that word so much that we have lost what it really means. When people think of holiness, they often think of Christians who never swear, watch Pureflix instead of Netflix, can cite the Bible on demand, and withdraw at length for prayer and solitude. They might picture a monk somewhere, dressed in simple garb and free of worldly distractions while staring into the sunset, meditating and praying.

While those things might be fine and well, they donโ€™t necessarily equate to holiness. Holiness, at its core, is very simple. Holiness is love. Or, more specifically, holiness is pure and genuine love for God and othersโ€ฆ

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6 thoughts on “Holiness is Love

    • Bonnie, true, and God is love and he is holy. So both love and holiness come from God. But, he also tells us to be holy in all our conduct as he is Holy, and he calls us his holy people. And Holy means to be separate from the world of sin and to be separate unto God, becoming like Jesus, and we can only do that in the power of God in our lives and only as we love God and others.

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