Will We Sing a Duet?

An Original Work / October 6, 2019

Will we sing a duet one day?
Will you bow your knee? Will you pray?
Will you commit your life to Christ?
Will you stop striving; give your life?

Will you open your arms to me?
Stop your lying ‘bout your sin spree?
Be ye faithful in all you do?
You God honor; to him be true?

Stop your pretending who you are,
When who you are, from there’s so far?
Stop your faking passion for me,
When your zeal is for the enemy?

Will you give your heart and your soul
To your Lord, let him make you whole?
He’ll forgive you of all your sin,
If your life you will give to him.

He’ll now give meaning to your life,
Lead you to be holy, do what’s right;
Love your neighbor as you love yourself;
Never put your Lord on the shelf.

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