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Hello! My name is Sue J Love. I am 73 years old, married for 50 years to Rick Love, and we have 4 (+ 3) grown children and 14 grandchildren. I have been a believer in Jesus Christ since I was about 7 years old.

Most of my adult life has been spent in Christian ministry – first teaching the Bible to children, then to youth, then to ladies, and then to college students, and also singing in the choir at church and doing special music.

For the past 17 years the Lord Jesus has had me writing out what he teaches me through his word each day, and he has me post it on the internet “so that a herald may run with it.” This is my assignment from God; my part in the body.

From 2011 to 2020, he also gave me numerous songs to write – songs of praise and adoration to God, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in song. The songs are all based off scripture and are all home recorded with the exception of one. And from 2018 to the present he has also given me numerous poems to write, which are like songs without music. And since mid 2022 he has also been having me record video talks and to put them on YouTube.

Sue J Love



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    • Thank you Ellie. I appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. No, we moved away from Akron in 1982 and have been living in the southern states since then. We have been in SC for about 26 years now. We live not far from Charlotte, NC. We do visit Akron about once or twice a year because we still have family there, as both my husband and I are from Akron.


  1. Wow Sue what a wonderful Surname, I just love it , thank you again for joining up with us, I look forward to our sharing together, no doubt there will be questions that will need clarification but I’m really encouraged by your Maturity in The Lord.

    I’m known Sue for having a lot of detail, in comments and Posts perhaps not always but when needed, mainly because I share Scripture too, I like to confirm with God’s Truth. I have also taught Children like you have over the years but now no longer at Church or in School, mostly at home with the Children in the Neighborhood and their friends, I’m starting another Funday School soon for them but would love to have a Blog for Children all ages but don’t know how to reach them on the Internet although I do have a idea that may work but not sure.

    Many Blessings Sue – Anne

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    • Anne, Thank you so much for sharing those thoughts with me. I hope and pray the Lord Jesus leads you to know how to reach children with the gospel of Jesus Christ via the internet. Although the internet opens the whole world of evil to so many via their fingertips and in the privacy of their homes, which is a horrible thing, it has so much potential for good in reaching so many people with the love and gospel of Christ, and for encouraging so many hearts in the faith. God bless you for your love and service to him. Sue


  2. Greetings! I came across your blog and was blessed to see such pure Gospel preaching/teaching in the couple posts I read. I am driven to write about the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ and stand for sound doctrine. I felt you may enjoy some of my articles as well based on what I saw in your writings. I write a lot on the Message of the Cross – Grace, Salvation, Justification, Sanctification etc. and Holy living as well as your identity in Christ. I tend to emphasize that continued faith in the Cross is the only solution for victory: for the sinner and believer equally. Here is one I wrote about why we should “Preach The Gospel Only” http://benjaminburmood.org/2015/05/08/preach-the-gospel-only/ Some popular series’ include “The Power Of The Cross” and “Why Didn’t God Accept Cain’s Offering”. I hope you find blessing as well!

    Either way, I look forward to further reading your material some more and have subscribed as well. The internet and blogging is a tremendous podium for spreading the Truth – we can reach 100s, 1000s and millions for Christ. God’s peace be with you, be encouraged and my prayers are with you!

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    • Benjamin, thank you. Praise the Lord! It all comes from him. And, thank you for visiting my blog and for deciding to follow the blog, too. I will check out your blog, as well. God bless! Sue

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      • Sue – I agree! Praise the Lamb of God! It all comes from Him – He is the ONLY light and we are called to reflect that Light. I’m glad to follow your blog. Thank you for following mine – I just saw that! 🙂 God bless and work through you as well. Keep in contact!

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  3. Greetings in the name of OUR LORD! I am not exactly sure how I stumbled upon your website, but I just realized we are not too far from each other. Thank you for your encouraging words, as they are certainly needed. Please keep me in your prayers, as I am having to travel back in forth to encourage many who have been sleeping, but are NOW awakening to their DESTINY in HIM. I would love to share more with you and would love to hear from you as well. I was supposed to intern in the Rock Hill School district, but the Lord called me elsewhere. However, much strategic prayer needed in your area . . .Love in HIM, Shirah

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  4. Hi Sue, I thank you for the recent follow, I will be following you also. I read three of your posts (I’ll read more later) and I was impressed with your accomplishments and what God has taught you. Please feel free to jump in any time and share your comments or observations. I’m looking forward to more exchanges. It’s amazing what He can do with a lump of clay! Have a blessed Sunday! – Bruce

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    • Bruce, Thank you so much for responding to the “about” section of this blog. Thank you, as well, for reading and responding here to several of the blog posts. I appreciate that. All glory to God! The words of Paul come to mind here:

      Therefore in Christ Jesus I have found reason for boasting in things pertaining to God. For I will not presume to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me, resulting in the obedience of the Gentiles by word and deed, in the power of signs and wonders, in the power of the Spirit; so that from Jerusalem and round about as far as Illyricum I have fully preached the gospel of Christ. Rom. 15:17-19

      On this blog, I just share what God teaches me each day. What personal testimony I give is for the glory of God concerning what he is doing and has done in and through my life, and for the encouragement of the body of Christ to believe God, that he can do in and through us that which we cannot do apart from him, in our own flesh. All praise to God!

      Yes, absolutely, it is amazing what HE can do with a lump of clay willing to be molded by the master. Amen!

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  5. Married for nearly 1/2 decade, your relationship to your husband, Mr. Rick Love, gives folks like me faith about the true essence of relationships and sacrifices. May God continue to bless you and yours. I’d love to read about any advice given on relationship longevity.

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    • MissUnderstood,

      I believe in Jesus Christ. He is my God. He is my Savior from sin. He is my life. I find my purpose for life in Him. I also believe he is completely sovereign over all that he has created. He is also my Lord, and so I follow him, and I rely on him to give me strength and wisdom to make it through every day. So, for me, he is my sustaining power in my marriage relationship.

      But, that hasn’t always been the case, i.e. there were times when I didn’t rely on him, and when I didn’t trust him with my marriage, and when I followed my own course, instead, and that was really not good at all. But, the Lord brought me back to him and so I trust him with every day to just show me the way he wants me to go, but this doesn’t mean I am totally perfect or that I am not still learning and growing, for the Lord is always changing me and maturing me and helping me to find better ways of communicating, etc.

      But, even if I did everything right, that is no guarantee that my marriage won’t fail or that my husband won’t divorce me. The only person we have control over is ourselves. So, I can only speak from my perspective with regard to how I maintain my end or my part of the relationship.

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      • MissUnderstood, The longevity of a marriage, though, is not what determines its health or its success, for people can be married for many years and still have unhealthy relationships.

        Again, a marriage is made up of two people, and it takes two people to make it work. One person can do everything he or she knows to make it work, but if her or his partner is not willing to pull his or her part, then you don’t really have a marriage.

        So, with that said, let me say this. Back in November of last year my husband revived a blog he had begun 3 years prior to that, and he wrote a series of blog posts describing his life, for he said he was trying to connect with other men who had similar struggles. See: https://rdlove12.wordpress.com/

        Then, in January of this year, based off what my husband was sharing about our marriage publicly, the Lord led me to write a book about our marriage, which includes much counsel, as you have asked for, and the purpose of which is to help others in similar circumstances. See: https://walkingwounded.blog/i-married-my-dad/

        This was with my husband’s approval, and he wrote the forward for the book. So, if you are interested, you can read the book, which the beginning of it establishes our history and then moves on to individual writings which would be more along the lines of personal testimony and counsel to others.

        So, I hope this is helpful to you. Sue Love

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      • Thank you. I will check out Dr. Gottman, at your suggestion. But, I don’t follow humans. I just follow the Lord, and his Word, and if others are teaching his Word, I will listen, and I can learn from them, too.

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      • Thank you. I don’t follow human philosophy, either, unless it is not of humans but of God and biblically based. It isn’t that I can’t learn practical things from other humans, for I can, but that I don’t make life decisions based off human philosophy, but only as led by the Lord Jesus. He is my foundation for life and love and relationships, too.

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  6. Hi Sue, I’m so glad to meet you. Thank you for stopping by, if not I may not have found you.

    I like where you say that your work here on the internet is a task given from God to share with others. I too believe and now know this is my reason for doing this blog. I’m also coming across others who also feel they have been placed here by God.

    I truly believe Jesus will soon return and He has a task for us to do, and that is to spread His message of love to others. Blessings!!

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  7. Sue,

    Your writings includes lots of wisdom that comes from Him. I would like to introduce my blog also to you, so if interested kindly please do follow, comment and share it with your friends too.Since I wish to reach my writing to more readers that will encourage each one of us in His love. Below given is the link to my blog..


    Stay Blessed !

    Thank You…

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  8. Sue, I am in awe of your faithfulness to our Lord Jesus. Compared to your writing ministry I am a newby and still learning. May our Father God bless you richly sister.

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    • Hunter, thank you. I appreciate your encouraging words. I give all the glory to the Lord. Without him, I could not and I would not be doing any of this.


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