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BeulahBeachHello! My name is Sue Love. The Lord Jesus started having me write out what he was teaching me from my times with him in his word in November of 2004, and by mid 2006 I was doing this nearly every day, and I was posting these writings on the internet. Then he had me writing songs beginning early in 2011 through the beginning of 2020, but then my voice gave out, and that stopped. And then at the beginning of 2018 he began giving me poems to write (without music), and that is still ongoing.

There are 185 songs total. And there are 183 poems so far. The songs are mostly Scripture, in poetic form, put to music. But the poems cover a wide range of topics from the gospel, addiction, the church, the last days, holidays, and our walks of faith in Christ, etc.

So I have compiled the poems20220805_191308 together in one document and the songs in one document (just the lyrics), which I am sharing here with you, which you can get to at the links below. If you want to listen to a song, there is a section on this site which will take you to where you can listen to the songs, which are all home recorded except for one. Thank you for reading. Sue Love

Original Works Songs

Original Works Poetry