Walking Wounded

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“Walking Wounded” is a second blog that the Lord had me start in January of 2018. The purpose of this second blog is to primarily focus on the subjects of addiction, abuse, and persecutions and rejections of many kinds, and of our need to find hope and healing for our damaged emotions in Jesus Christ, our Lord. I wrote this a year ago:

January 26, 2018

In the past several weeks the Lord Jesus put it on my heart to write a book, I Married My Dad, which is a story of childhood abuse, spousal abuse, and lust addiction, and of the impacts these situations have on individual lives, on marriages, on spouses, on families and on the church. It is the story of my life, and from the perspective of the wife of an addict.

The book paints a vivid picture of the devastation of abuse and addiction, and of the fallout from it all, yet it also paints a glorious picture of God’s grace, his salvation, his forgiveness and his healing, which is made possible by our Lord in the lives of both those who are the addicted (abusers) and those who have been abused by the addicted.

I pray this book will serve as an encouragement and help to both those who are the sexually addicted, who need deliverance, some of whom have also suffered emotional wounds, and to the spouses of the addicted, that they may all find healing for their wounded hearts in Jesus Christ, our Lord, who was wounded for us on a cross so that we might go free.

Here’s the book’s table of contents, where you can also download the entire book for free: I Married My Dad

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