Easter McFeaster

Your treasure your pleasures, Indulgent enjoyment, You follow whoever, And praise the flamboyant. The colors and baskets, The eggs all a plenty, The project, you task it, The purpose is empty. The bunnies with ribbons, The trinkets on tables, By greed you’ve been bitten, You then tell your fables. And Santa’s the bunny, Now dressed … Continue reading Easter McFeaster

That Time of Year

So Christmas is that time of yearWhen folks give others words of cheerFolks seem in a holiday moodWith lots of drinks and lots of food They hustle bustle to and froAnd some put on a great big showThey buy their trees, and tinsel, tooAnd many friendships they renew They get their cards, and presents swellAnd … Continue reading That Time of Year

All About Christmas

It’s only October But I can’t get over How much now ‘bout Christmas, While Christ they do dismiss. For Christ’s not in Christmas. It isn’t His business. He’s not about Santa And that propaganda. He’s not about presents, On humans dependent To make life now matter, But with empty chatter. He’s not into light shows, … Continue reading All About Christmas

“Cards on the Table”

An Original Work / December 12, 2018 As scriptures teach, I don’t believe There is a pre-trib rapture. From what I read, I do perceive That we’ll go all together. For Jesus said we would be there To see the tribulation. And some of us they’ll put to death, But we have our salvation. But … Continue reading “Cards on the Table”

Life Before Santa

An Original Work / December 16, 2019 ‘Twas the life before Santa, And all through the church, They were praising their Lord, And His righteousness searched. The bells that were ringing Were calling for prayer. They were calling on God To His righteousness wear. Confessing their sins, Thus, they humbly did bow. Forsaking their idols, … Continue reading Life Before Santa

Why I Don’t Celebrate Christmas

It really has nothing to do with the pagan roots of the holiday. That is in the past. What I object to and what I believe God objects to is what is happening in the present. The Focus on Santa Claus For one, Christmas is primarily about Santa Claus. It does not matter if you … Continue reading Why I Don’t Celebrate Christmas

‘Tis the Season

An Original Work / October 21, 2021 ‘Tis the season to be jolly, Light the trees, and hang the holly, Join in all the merrymaking, And in all the cookie baking. Light your candles on your altars, Don’t misstep, now don’t you falter, Cross your T’s and dot your I’s, Prepare yourself for the surprise. … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season

Father’s Day

“Father’s Day” in America is a day once a year that is designated specifically for us to honor our earthly fathers. For those who have or who have had earthly fathers who are or who were great, or who are or were just okay, the day may be a day of rejoicing and celebration of … Continue reading Father’s Day

A Christmas Poem

An Original Work / December 25, 2020 You say that Christmas is about Jesus, The One who died on the cross to free us. You say that His birth you must celebrate – It must be celebrated on this date. But who foretold of this, it would come true? Who said that Jesus’ birth we … Continue reading A Christmas Poem

Christmas, Santa and More

The following is a collection of writings the Lord Jesus has given to me on the subjects of Christmas and Santa Claus, primarily, but also including other subjects, as well. All of these are subjects that can be considered controversial in nature, in that we don’t all agree on them, but they are all supported … Continue reading Christmas, Santa and More