Broken Hearts

Oh, how hearts breaking. Sinners are faking, Lies they are making, Love they’re forsaking. Broken hearts aching. Liars pretending, And not hearts mending, And not love sending, Sin they’re defending, Truth they are bending. Shooting their arrows, Not good bedfellows, Not on road narrow, Lies they do swallow, All this foreshadowed. Immoral are they, E’en … Continue reading Broken Hearts

Sincerity of Faith

Sincerity of faith, what does that look like? – Believing in Jesus, doing what He says. Looking in your mirror, what do you look like? Walking with Jesus Christ? Or spiritually dead? From your sins repented? Or still live in sin? Walking in obedience? Saying “No!” to sin? Walking the narrow road? Or on the … Continue reading Sincerity of Faith

I Pray this Would be the Time

Many false commitments That were not true to form. Many false confessions That not to Christ conformed. Many empty chatters That ne’er went anywhere. Many lies, deceptions, And not the truth was shared. Many staged professions Of faith, faith not sincere. Many times admissions Of sin, not truth in gear. Many are such wand’rings Of … Continue reading I Pray this Would be the Time

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suff’ring, be like Jesus Who from our sins He did free us. Complications, not vacations, Is our status, is what frees us. “How so,” you may ask, “Do now tell How our suff’ring frees us from hell?” In our suff’ring die now to sin So that vict’ry in Christ you’ll win. Share with … Continue reading Pain and Suffering

The Spreading of Lies

The lies of those who sin are spread As they plot evil on their beds For they are not clear in the head For sin controls their minds instead No wheel of fortune up ahead For to their sins they are not dead For on the lies of others fed And they do not God’s … Continue reading The Spreading of Lies

The Pain So Deep

The pain inside you Are you hurting deep inside, The pain so deep, and so you hide From others what is hurting you, Perhaps, because their love not true? You’ve been down this road before Of trusting others with your sore, And then to have them turn their backs, Since love for you they surely … Continue reading The Pain So Deep

Heavy Burdens

A story of Depression Heavy burdens hard to bear Many idols not to wear Many lives are in despair Feel life treats them so unfair Not the way they hoped life be Happy, and from troubles free Slipped a mickey in their drink And from there their lives did sink Walked away from what was … Continue reading Heavy Burdens

Don’t Play Games with God

For all hypocrites and liars Don’t you play games with God, Giving Him a cursory nod. He’s not impressed with you, For He sees you all through and through. You may fool other folks, When you tell them your lies and jokes, But God sees all, you know, And He’s not impressed with the show. … Continue reading Don’t Play Games with God

When we Walk with the Lord

An Original Work / July 10, 2022 When we walk with the Lord, Walk with Him, one accord, We remember His ways Throughout all of our days. Fellowship now with Him, Fellowship not a whim, True in union with Him, True belief now in Him. Forsake all of our sins, Live in sin? No, no … Continue reading When we Walk with the Lord

The Looking Glass

An Original Work / July 5, 2022 Looking through the looking glass, Everything is backwards. Hate is love and love is hate, And truth not really matters. Live in dreamland all you want, The real world, what is that? Fantasy, oh fantasy, Fiction now indeed is fact. Logic, reason, what are those? Needed not, I … Continue reading The Looking Glass