Ring Out the Sound

Ring out the sound, ring out the bells, And of the gospel, tell them, tell. Do not hold back, and please don’t slack, For many of the truth do lack. Get that truth out, give it a shout, And don’t you now have any doubt That God can take it, take it far, So be … Continue reading Ring Out the Sound

Life’s Ups and Downs

Now life, it surely has its ups and downs. We never know when they will come around. We cannot know what tomorrow will bring, So, in every trial, we must sing. We have no control over floods and storms, Over things that happen not in our norms. We can’t anticipate everything. We have to remember … Continue reading Life’s Ups and Downs

What I Long For

Holiness is what I long forRighteousness, to walk God’s waysFaithfulness in every footstepWalking with Him day by day Listening to the words He teachesMaking them my faithful friendDoing all that His word shows meFaithful to Christ to the end Loving Jesus, Lord, my MasterSitting daily at His feetLoving all the times togetherWhen my Lord and … Continue reading What I Long For

That Time of Year

So Christmas is that time of yearWhen folks give others words of cheerFolks seem in a holiday moodWith lots of drinks and lots of food They hustle bustle to and froAnd some put on a great big showThey buy their trees, and tinsel, tooAnd many friendships they renew They get their cards, and presents swellAnd … Continue reading That Time of Year

What I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful for the cross of Christ Where Jesus died for me So I could die with Him to sin And live eternally I’m thankful that He cared for me And called me to be His So I could serve Him with my life And do all that He says I’m thankful that He’s chosen … Continue reading What I’m Thankful For

Storms are Howling

Storms are howling, folks not bowing, Headstrong in their plans a plenty, Trust in God they ain’t got any, They not friend, they are the en’my. Tricks and trappings, fingers snapping, Sins a plenty they are adding, Those who love God, they attacking, Wickedness, it is not napping. They are showing their true colors, They … Continue reading Storms are Howling

The Lonely and Rejected

They talk to you as though you’re no one, As though you’re pointless, waste of time. They treat you as though you’re a burden, As though you are not worth a dime. They treat you as though you know nothing, Like they should be God’s voice to you. They act like you’re just in the … Continue reading The Lonely and Rejected

Donkeys Honking

Donkeys honking in their pride, Taking others for a ride, Telltale signs of something bad, Someone somewhere has been had. Magic tricks, that is their game, Mischief making, all the same. Looking, though, to others blame, Absolute, they feel no shame. Corner others with their tricks, That is how they get their kicks. Who, they … Continue reading Donkeys Honking