Window Dressing

Window dressing, now impressing,Artful, skillful, and misleading,Superficial presentations,On this many now are feeding. Scheming, dreaming, eyes are beaming,Cunning, crafty, they are teaming,Skillful in their craft, deceiving,Many now in them believing. Fewer, fewer truth receiving,Less and less in Christ believing,Fewer, less, their sins are grieving,More and more they are deceiving. Fewer still the Lord obeying,And the … Continue reading Window Dressing

What is a Mother?

A mother’s a womanwho gave birth to a childand ideally she’s onewho is meek and is mild She nurtures her childrenAnd she puts them to bedShe feeds them their spinachMaking sure that they’re fed Making sure that they’re safeKeeps them under her careTeaches them what they needSo that sin they not dare Reads to them … Continue reading What is a Mother?

In Your Direction

Lead me, Lord, in Your direction,Even if it means correction.You have now my full attention,Whate’er You will choose to mention. Do I love You? Absolutely!Will I serve You? Very truly!Will I bow in full submission?Yes, Lord, as You give me vision. Do I care about the othersWho’re my sisters and my brothers?Yes, Lord, I do … Continue reading In Your Direction

The World as We Know It

Slander, meander, and gander, not candor, Inviting, enticing, spicing, and dicing, Twirling, and hurling, and whirling, unfurling, Outrageous, egregious, rampageous, contagious. The world as we know it, not pretty, tis true, The world should not live now, not inside of you. The Spirit of God should now live in your heart, And from God you … Continue reading The World as We Know It

I Asked the Lord in Prayer

Today I asked the Lord in prayer If life on earth should not be fair, Should everyone get what’s deserved For all they’ve done, for all they’ve served. I contemplated that in mind, In hoping that the truth I’d find. And as I gave it some deep thought, The truth of all, it surely brought. … Continue reading I Asked the Lord in Prayer

Easter McFeaster

Your treasure your pleasures, Indulgent enjoyment, You follow whoever, And praise the flamboyant. The colors and baskets, The eggs all a plenty, The project, you task it, The purpose is empty. The bunnies with ribbons, The trinkets on tables, By greed you’ve been bitten, You then tell your fables. And Santa’s the bunny, Now dressed … Continue reading Easter McFeaster

While They’re Sleeping

Shifting, creeping, while they’re sleeping, Through the windows they are peeping, Hidden glances and romances, They continue in their prances. Now they make for strange bedfellows, Lifting up their barks and bellows, Thirst for lust, not what is holy, They are moving very slowly. Not sincere, they hide their motives, Make excuses for explosives, Vain … Continue reading While They’re Sleeping

Emotions and Devotions

Don’t let your emotions ruin your devotions. Don’t let your thinking be a cause for sinking. Don’t let the chatter cause your faith to shatter. Don’t turn the tables and put your trust in fables. Time now is fleeting. Who are you believing? Truth is what matters. Listen not what flatters. Listen to The Bible … Continue reading Emotions and Devotions