An Unfaithful City

Saturday, August 29, 2015, 6:00 a.m. – The Lord Jesus put in mind the song “Wait!” Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read Isaiah 1:21-31 (NASB).

A Harlot

How the faithful city has become a harlot,
She who was full of justice!
Righteousness once lodged in her,
But now murderers.
Your silver has become dross,
Your drink diluted with water.
Your rulers are rebels
And companions of thieves;
Everyone loves a bribe
And chases after rewards.
They do not defend the orphan,
Nor does the widow’s plea come before them.

The faithful city turned harlot being spoken of here is Jerusalem, which was the holy city prior to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection and ascension into heaven. Now the city of Jerusalem in the land of Israel corresponds to Hagar, “because she is in slavery with her children. But, the Jerusalem that is above is free…” (See: Gal. 4:21-31). In other words, the physical city of Jerusalem is no different from any other city. The holy city is no longer a physical city, but is a spiritual one, i.e. it is the Jerusalem from above. And, it is comprised of those who are followers (disciples) of Jesus Christ, i.e. it is the church, the body of Christ, but not to be confused with the institutional church, which is of human origin.

Many of God’s once faithful people have become harlots in that they have left their “first love,” and have gone off to run after the gods of men. I don’t know about the church in other countries, but I do know that the vast majority of today’s church here in America has become one with the world and is following humans and humanistic and even pagan philosophy in place of their pure devotion to Jesus Christ. They easily believe whatever sounds good to their ears without checking it out to make sure it is true. Much of the church has united with a Satanic and evil government, and promotes government worship within the meetings of the church. Much of the gatherings of the church are geared toward entertaining the world, so that the world will feel comfortable and at home in the gatherings of the church, and thus they have diluted and/or twisted the gospel message and the character of Jesus Christ in order to make them more appealing and acceptable to the world. Thus, they often discard as rubbish those who are truly following Jesus Christ.

So many Christians, in blindly believing their government leaders and the government-controlled media, thus, have inadvertently supported the murdering of innocents and even the killing of those who are Christ’s followers and servants of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can’t trust our government leaders or their media, because most of their stories are lies, cleverly disguised as truth. Our government in the USA, in concert with her “other lover,” i.e. the New World Order ‘beast,’ trumps up charges on innocent civilians for crimes they have committed or else they completely stage news events using paid actors and actresses, or those who have also bowed to the beast and are partners with them in their fabrications and orchestrated “crisis” situations. Our government and their allies are the world’s terrorist organizations. The US government is the Taliban, Al Qaida and ISIS. These are all creations of our government (+ N.W.O.), and they are trained and supported by them.

Obama and the Pope are strong voices for this New World Order by bullying or manipulating the people and the governments of this world, and the church, into uniting with the New World Order ‘beast.’ The Iranian nuclear deal is not really about curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, as the US accuses Iran of what they are actually doing. The real “deal” is a deal with the devil, and it is to get the people and governments (independent) of this world to comply with the New World Order in unity of mission and purpose. It is to get sovereign nations to yield their sovereignty to the New World Order and to turn against (desert) their own people, and agree to go after all dissenting voices, i.e. all who are not in unity with the New World Order. We can read about this in the book of Revelation, in the book of Daniel and in many other Biblical prophesies concerning these last days before Jesus’ return.

The Pope is trying to get the church to accept a social gospel which takes care of the poor, supposedly, but which ignores the sin nature of humans and their need for salvation from sin. He speaks of “globalized indifference” to the plight of migrants who are trying to gain entry into the E.U., but the New World Order ‘beast’ is truly the epitome of this indifference to the suffering of others in that it has been busy for some time conquering nations, taking what is not their own, destroying or confiscating the property of others, killing at will, and murdering innocents and followers of Christ, etc. The Pope, Obama and the New World Order are preaching a message of unity with the N.W.O. ‘beast,’ which means no more independent nations or national borders, and no more gospel of Jesus Christ which divides the people of this world. The pope wants to have no more divisions, but to have all people come together as one under this ‘beast.’ If we don’t bow to the beast, then we will be targeted for extinction.

The U.N. Chief is preaching the same message. He is asking for EU leaders to behave in agreement with their global obligations, which is to bow to the ‘beast.’ When he speaks of a calamity of unity, he is speaking of the problem of disunity with the New World Order ‘beast.’ They are all concerned about what divides us as a people, but most especially with regard to anything that goes against the New World Order ‘beast’ and its tyrannical one-world government and one-world religion. They are all targeting all who are not united with this beast and are calling for unity, which is also unity in deserting one’s own people and in murdering those who do not follow the beast, but who follow the Lord Jesus Christ. If we have not gotten there yet, though many have, I believe, we will soon be called upon to make a choice in who we are going to follow – the Lord Jesus Christ (our God), or the New World Order ‘beast.’ There will soon be no more riding the fence.

After That

Therefore the Lord God of hosts,
The Mighty One of Israel, declares,
“Ah, I will be relieved of My adversaries
And avenge Myself on My foes.
“I will also turn My hand against you,
And will smelt away your dross as with lye
And will remove all your alloy.
“Then I will restore your judges as at the first,
And your counselors as at the beginning;
After that you will be called the city of righteousness,
A faithful city.”

God is allowing all this to take place, for a time, or else it could not happen. Our God is absolutely sovereign over all things, and has absolute control over all people and all events in the world, and he has all power over all kings and kingdoms. I believe he is allowing these things to take place in order to bring his adulterous people back to him, to provide a catalyst for the gospel of Jesus Christ to spread throughout the world, so that many will be saved, and to purify his bride and to make her ready for the consummation of her relationship with her husband, i.e. to prepare the church, the body of Christ, for the return of her Lord (See the books of Isaiah and Revelation). As well, during this time he will judge evil, and eventually he will judge those evil people and entities which he is now using as his divine instruments of judgment against his adulterous church.

Repentant Ones

Zion will be redeemed with justice
And her repentant ones with righteousness.
But transgressors and sinners will be crushed together,
And those who forsake the Lord will come to an end.
Surely you will be ashamed of the oaks which you have desired,
And you will be embarrassed at the gardens which you have chosen.
For you will be like an oak whose leaf fades away
Or as a garden that has no water.
The strong man will become tinder,
His work also a spark.
Thus they shall both burn together
And there will be none to quench them.

God is presently calling out to his unfaithful followers, and he is confronting them with their idolatry and adulterous ways, and he is calling them to repentance and to renewed faith in him. He is also warning of judgment. Yet, he is also encouraging his faithful followers to remain strong and steadfast in faith and commitment to him, knowing that God will never leave us or forsake us, and that he will provide us with all we need to endure and to continue in him until the end. He is also warning all those who desert him, and who choose to follow after the beast, instead, that they will meet their doom. So, repent of (turn from) your sin today, and choose to follow Jesus Christ with your life from this moment on. Your future depends on it.

Wait! / An Original Work / February 8, 2014

Wait for your Lord. Be of courage.
Be strong, and take heart today.
God is always watching o’er you.
Trust Him with your life always.

Sing of your Lord. Praise His blessings.
Believe in His sovereignty.
He delivered you from your sin;
Gave you life eternally.

Rest in your Lord. Know His promise.
Beneath His wings rest secure.
Your God has a plan and purpose.
Let your faith in Him endure.

Trust in your Lord. He’ll not leave you,
Because He is faithfulness.
He will lead and guide; protect you.
In His love you can find rest.

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