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Saturday, November 14, 2015, 2:45 p.m. – The Lord Jesus put in mind the song “Not By Might.” Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read Jeremiah 30-31 (30:5-9 NASB).

“For thus says the Lord,

‘I have heard a sound of terror,
Of dread, and there is no peace.
‘Ask now, and see
If a male can give birth.
Why do I see every man
With his hands on his loins, as a woman in childbirth?
And why have all faces turned pale?
‘Alas! for that day is great,
There is none like it;
And it is the time of Jacob’s distress,
But he will be saved from it.
‘It shall come about on that day,’ declares the Lord of hosts, ‘that I will break his yoke from off their neck and will tear off their bonds; and strangers will no longer make them their slaves. But they shall serve the Lord their God and David their king, whom I will raise up for them (30:5-9).

A Sound of Terror

Yesterday, Friday, November 13, 2015 (11/13/15), the news reported that there had been multiple terrorist attacks in Paris, France, with an estimated number of dead at around 129, and with the number of wounded at around 352. My heart goes out to the people of France during this time of great tragedy. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers at this time of enormous loss and deep heartache.

The news is also reporting that France plans to retaliate mercilessly. As well, the US stands with France in solidarity in their determination to fight against terrorism and extremism, Obama intimated. Purportedly ISIS has assumed responsibility for the attacks. The news is also reporting that this is a crime of hatred, and it is against all of humanity, and that all people should join in the fight against hatred in all its various types. So, what is this all about, and where is it all headed?

The Fourth Kingdom

In the prophecies of scripture concerning the last days before Jesus Christ returns for his bride (his saints), we learn that an antichrist (the beast) will arise and will conquer people, nations and followers of Jesus Christ. We also learn that this will be a time in which there will be a great rebellion and that the church (or a large part of it) will fall away (depart) from the way of truth to follow after lies. This will also be a time of great deception, of wars, great disasters, murders, and Christian persecution. As well, this will be a time of judgment of Almighty God on his adulterous people, and on the nations and the people of this world. This beast, in the book of Daniel, is referred to as the 4th kingdom. And, that is what this is all about.

This beast (New World Order) is comprised of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the IMF, big banks, the elite, the wealthy and powerful, world powers, and CEOs of corporations, etc. who are the ones truly ruling the world, and the ones who are making decisions concerning where the world is headed and how they are going to get there. They have served as a shadow government in directing world affairs for some time now, but now they are beginning to come to the forefront. The US government and military, along with their allies, has led the way in forcing this New World Order upon the nations and people of this world. They have been going throughout the world for some time now as conquerors, destroying, killing, confiscating property not their own, stealing other nations’ natural resources, persecuting and killing Christians, and forcing compliance with this New World Order (beast), as well as threatening all those who do not cooperate with the “international community,” which is another word for the N.W.O.

This New World Order, which this beast has been at work in bringing about, is a one-world government and a one-world religion, with a one-world currency, etc. Everything will be under the control of this totalitarian global regime. No one will be able to buy or sell unless they take the mark of the beast. Obama and the Pope are two primary voices speaking on behalf of this beast, who are threatening and forcing the people of this world to comply with the beast (New World Order) or to pay the consequences. Their message is one of unity of all people, of tolerance of all faiths, and of all walks of life, of “good deeds,” of non-judgmentalism and acceptance of all people, and of removing from the world all which divides us as the people of this world, which includes removing the gospel of salvation and all who hold to those truths and who try to win others to faith in Jesus Christ.

ISIS is a creation of this “beast,” and its one-world government and religion. It works, I believe, as a quasi-military force of the New World Order; a privatized and prussianized military for the purpose of subversion. What this means is that Obama and the Pope and many of these world leaders are not at all shocked over these attacks, for they are party to them, and for the purpose of bringing this world under the rule of this “beast” (one-world totalitarian regime). What this also means is that we (the US and their allies) are not fighting terrorism. We (the US and their allies) are the terrorists, who create terrorism in order to get into all nations in order to take them over, to steal from them, and to kill all opposition to the rule of this beast, including killing those who follow Jesus Christ. Christians are definitely being targeted here. The faithful are being made out to be hateful, bigoted, intolerant, prejudicial, judgmental, and unloving extremists who must be silenced. So, don’t support this fight against “terrorism,” for it is a lie, and it means killing Christians.

Why is This Happening?

This is happening because the majority of the church in the world has forsaken God, has gone after “other lovers” (idols), has become much like or just like the world, and instead of reaching the world with the gospel of our salvation, they are entertaining the world, diluting the gospel to make it more acceptable, and/or have fallen prey to deception and to false teaching. God has been sending them messages, confronting them with their sin, calling them to repentance, and warning of judgment, but they have largely ignored the messages, have refused to repent, and/or they have become apathetic and worldly (See: Rev. 2-3). So, God is sending them the judgment he threatened. He is allowing us, the body of Christ, to be conquered, and to go through this time of great difficulty and distress, hardship and great sorrow, in order to get his faithless children to turn from their sins, to forsake their idols, to return to their Lord, and to make him truly Lord (master) of their lives.

I believe prophecy of scripture teaches that when this judgment comes that God will revive and renew those who have repented of their sins, and that he will rebuild them into a holy people, pleasing to him, no longer conformed to the ways of this sinful world, but truly transformed in heart and mind of the Spirit of God, walking in his ways and in his truth. I believe prophecy of scripture also teaches that from this revived church the gospel will go forth throughout the earth and that many people from all nations will believe in Jesus Christ to be Lord and Savior of their lives. In judgment God will remove the shackles of deception from the blinded eyes of his wayward children and from those who will receive Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives, and they will see the truth, and will believe the truth, and God will heal them. Their lives will now be surrendered to the Lord, even unto death.

Yet, when God has accomplished his purposes in using this divine instrument of judgment against his adulterous people, and the nations, and the people of this sinful world, he will judge those whom he has used against us. One day all forces of evil against us will be silenced, and Jesus Christ will return for his bride, and we will forever be with our Lord. We will no longer have to suffer pain, sorrow, sickness, or the temptation to sin. Satan will be bound, and the beast and the false prophet will be thrown into the lake of fire. We will be at peace and live in safety. And, Jesus Christ will be our only shepherd.

So, we are not to lose heart when God disciplines us, and when he allows this “beast” to come against us, but we are to put our total trust in our Lord, believing that he is completely sovereign over all powers and authorities, and that he is absolutely in control of all things. We are also not to lose heart over the spiritual condition of today’s modern church, and over all the evil now presiding in the world, or over all our loved ones who are wandering away from the Lord or who are presently among the unsaved. God’s timing is perfect. He has a plan and a purpose for how he does things, so we just have to trust him that he knows what is best, and that he will work out all things for good (in our best interest) for those that love God and who are called according to his purpose. As well, we are to realize that, even though we may feel, at times, as though we just don’t have the strength to continue, it is not in our own strength that we survive and thrive, and minister, but it is only in the power and working of the Spirit of God within us. So believe God.

Not By Might / An Original Work / March 29, 2012

Based off Zechariah 4

“Not by might, and not by power,
But by My Spirit,” says our Lord, God.
“Mighty mountain, O what are you?
Before Christ you will become level ground.”
The hands of our Lord, Savior God,
Formed the foundation of His church.
He alone will complete the work
He began in His servants’ hearts and minds.

Who despises small beginnings?
Much can be done in Christ’s strength within.
Be of courage, and trust your Lord.
All sufficient He is for all your needs.
Opposition and apathy:
Holy Spirit will set us free!
We can be overcomers in our faith
In our Lord, and our Savior, King.

Don’t be troubled by God’s timing.
He has ev’rything in His command.
Hasten to obey His commands fully,
Trusting Him to work all for good.
Not by might nor by human strength,
But by God’s power; strength within;
My dependency now on His working
His will in me in righteousness.

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