The Ransom

This song simply presents the gospel of Jesus Christ – He paid the ransom with his blood so that we could go free from both the ultimate penalty of sin, eternity in hell without God, and from bondage to and the control of sin over our daily lives. In the process, he, through his resurrection, also set us free to live in victory and to walk faithfully in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Ransom
An Original Work / September 8, 2011

Jesus paid the ransom,
so we’d be forgiven;
Purified from our sin,
so we’d be set free.
Crucified on a tree;
took on him our sin.
Buried our sin with Him;
rose in victory.
Jesus calls us to Him;
asks that we flee from sin;
Obey His commandments;
live eternally.

God our Father loves us,
which is why He gave us
His Son to die for us
on a cruel tree.
God created us to
walk in fellowship with Him,
daily trusting in His righteousness.
He has a plan for us
to abide in His grace;
Be transformed in our hearts;
live for him always.

Won’t you trust in Jesus?
Be your Lord and Master?
He wants to forgive you;
give you victory
Over sin and yourself;
Jesus set you free.
Daily walking with Him,
live victoriously.
Invite Him in your heart.
He’ll give you a new start.
Your old life behind you,
a new creature be.

4 thoughts on “The Ransom

  1. This is so beautiful, Sue. I think my favorite lines of lyric in your beautiful song, though, are the first eight lines. So grateful that Christ paid my ransom. I never get tired of thanking Him for that! God bless you for putting into song our hearts’ gratitude ❤

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    • Lynn, Thank you for your encouraging words. Truly, the Lord gives me the tunes, and then the words, so all the glory goes to him. I just record what he gives me and I place it on the internet.

      Yet, I am very grateful that he chose to give these songs to me and through me, for they encourage my heart, as well. I am glad he is using them to minister to others, too.

      Yes, I love it that nearly all the songs he has given me are just scripture put to music, if not an exact scripture, then obviously pulled from many different scriptures. Sometimes I will be just thinking about something, and he is already answering me in my head with the lyrics to one of these songs.

      And, yes, I am too so grateful that Christ paid our ransom. Amen! I will be forever grateful.

      And, you are welcome.


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