Prayer Request

My daughter Jennifer is 36 weeks pregnant. She is 40 years old. This is her 3rd pregnancy/child. She is at the hospital. The baby’s heart rate isn’t going up under a stress test, and even went down. They are deeply concerned, so they are monitoring the baby’s heart beat and may have to induce labor today. We are 400 some miles away and had planned to be there when the baby was due. Please pray for our daughter and for her baby Silas James. The Lord encouraged me with this song:

Update at 2:12 p.m.: The doc at the hospital scheduled an ultrasound to check on the baby. My daughter wrote this 1/2 hour ago:

“In the extra time we waited on doc the baby started doing much better. Doc did ultrasound, and everything looks good! They are sending me home. Yay! Praise the Lord!”

I ditto the “Yay!” and the “Praise the Lord!” And, I added some tears of joy on top. 🙂

Also, I would like to add that this baby’s name is Silas James. Silas was Paul’s helper and a fellow apostle of Christ. James is another name for Jacob, and Jacob, in the Bible, became Israel, and Israel (spiritually speaking) is now the church, so this is like saying the helper of the church, who we know is the Holy Spirit.

Anyway, I can’t help but feel that Satan might be fighting against this child, and so I would ask for your continued prayers for his strengthening. Thank you!

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