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I don’t know how many of you are aware that I now have two blog sites, this one – Run With It  – and another one – Walking Wounded.

The idea for the second blog was inspired by the Lord, who was leading me to write more on the subject of my personal walk of faith , the battles I have faced in my life, and how he has helped me to overcome much in this life in order to walk with him and to be who he created me to be.

Then, in January of this year, the Lord inspired me to write my life story in abbreviated form in a short book entitled I Married My Dad. It is the story of childhood abuse and neglect, of my walk of faith with Jesus Christ, and of a troubled marriage and spousal unfaithfulness and abuse (not physical abuse). It is also the story of my own failures and victories. But, it is also a story of hope, healing, deliverance, encouragement and victory. All glory to God! And, this story can be read on the Walking Wounded Site.

Then, in the past few weeks, the Lord has led me to begin writing again on the Walking Wounded Site, after having not written anything on there for about 4 months. The site is dedicated to the subjects of abuse, unfaithfulness, addiction, damaged emotions, and healing, deliverance, hope and restoration. The most recent post is on the subject of how we can be free from our sinful addictions. It is called “What are You Set On?”

Anyway, I just wanted my readers to know of this other site, Walking Wounded, which I hope you will check out, for I will try to post on there anytime the Lord gives me a writing about addiction, recovery, deliverance, emotional abuse, and healing of damaged emotions, or any time he would want me to give testimony as to his healing work in my own heart and life.

Thank you all for being here! You all are such a blessing to me!! Love you!



4 thoughts on “My Other Site

    • Thanks, T.R. Yes, at first I thought it was just to be for the book, but the Lord encouraged me that he had some writings he wanted to go on there, so I think there may be 3 current posts on there now.

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