By God’s Grace

An Original Work / March 21, 2019

By God’s grace we’ve been set free
So that we can bend the knee,
Humbly turning from our sin,
Letting His love come within.

Walking with him day by day,
Read His Words, and kneel and pray,
Listening to Him as He speaks,
Growing in Him by the weeks.

Comfort He brings to our hearts,
When our loved ones do depart,
When we are misunderstood,
And evil rages over good.

Joy to us, His love imparts,
When He rules within our hearts,
Making him Lord of our lives,
In our hearts His Word now thrives.

Peace to us He’ll truly bring,
When we make him Lord and King,
Giving up our all to Him,
By His grace, forsaking sin.

Daily with Him now we meet,
Sitting with Him at His feet,
Drinking in His every Word,
Doing the Words that we heard.

Love our Savior, He’s our friend,
He’ll be with us to the end,
Helping us throughout each day,
To be faithful in all ways.

He’s our Healer, Priest and King,
Who rules over everything.
He gives strength for every need,
As on His Word we daily feed.


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