Seek the Lord

The Lord is leading me to reblog this today. It goes along well with the theme of my last post, “Traveling.”

Run With It

This passage from Isaiah 55 is an urgent call to come to or to return to the Lord and to be restored to a right relationship with God. The people, evidently, were complacent and settled in their worldliness and wickedness, like some of us may be today. So, God asks us why we waste our money and energies on what will never satisfy us. He counsels us to come to him, and to receive his living water welling up in us unto eternal life, i.e. the Spirit of God, or else to receive spiritual refreshment and renewal.

The call is urgent, because we never know if we have tomorrow. We must turn from our sins, and turn to God via faith in Jesus Christ. God’s word will be fulfilled. He will pardon our sins when we turn from our wickedness, and we experience his grace and mercy. Then he will…

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