Getting Ready to Move

So, at the Love household, we are getting ready to move back to South Carolina (USA) in about 3 weeks. We lived there for 27 years before my husband retired from his job at Coca-Cola (CCBCC) in Charlotte, NC, in May of 2016. For, when he decided to retire, he also decided he wanted to move back to Ohio where we had lived for 30 years prior to moving south in 1982. For, he wanted to spend time with his aging parents before they died.

His mom died 3 weeks before we got there, so that was very sad, but he did get to spend over a year with his dad and with his step-mom. Long story, but after a year or so we moved again, this time to Tennessee, for we both expressed that we believed God was leading us there. I am still not certain why God led us here, exactly, but I know he did. But, after two years here in TN, the Lord is now leading us to return to South Carolina.

My husband Rick’s dad passed away a month ago in Ohio. We have not had a funeral for him yet, because we had to find a time when the whole family could get together, so the funeral won’t be until October. But, then everyone who wanted to be there can be there then, and God’s timing is perfect.

20190730_215010So, right now our home is in disarray, with boxes piled high in 3 different rooms. Most everything that can be packed at this point is packed, so next we will begin cleaning, and then will come the final packing and then the move back to South Carolina, home sweet home.

A Way of Life

In the past four years, including this present move, we will have moved 4 times, for we moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment after our first year in TN. So, we moved in 2016, 2017, 2018 and now in 2019. The last 3 moves I had lots of energy. Not this time. I am definitely feeling my 70 years of life soon approaching. So, it is good that we have had plenty of time to pack, for I have been able to work at it slowly.

But, moving has been a way of life for me. In my childhood, prior to my marriage to Rick, I had already lived in 11 different houses, all in the same city, basically. Since Rick and I have been married, we have lived in 18 different homes (or apartments) in 5 different states, and in 10 different cities. So, this move will be #19 for us in 2019.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live in one house for as long as 10 years, much less 40 or 50 years, as some people have done. But, I am ready for this to be my last move. I am tired, and I am old, and I am getting too old for this. I am so looking forward to getting everything moved and put away and to having some semblance of normalcy again, but only as God wills, for not one of us knows what the future holds for us. So, everything is by faith, one day and one step at a time, all in the strength of the Lord.

Children and Grandchildren

Since we lived in SC for 27 years, our children all made that their home, and they married there, and they all had children there in the Carolinas (and one in CA). So, we have four grown children and their spouses and 14 grandchildren (ages 1 to 20) that we are returning to, as well. And, I am excited that I am going to be in the same state and general vicinity of them again, and that I am going to be able to have them over to our home (apartment) and to be able to go places and do things with them again.

All of this is Lord willing, obviously. The way this crazy world is going right now I am ever more aware that all that we have here on this earth is just temporary, so we can’t count on any of it. Our hope always has to be in the Lord and not in people, and not in the things of this world. For, it could all pass away in an instant, and one day it will. So, while it lasts, I am thankful for every day God has given to me on this earth, and I pray that every day I would be used of him to bless other people’s lives for his praise and glory.

So, when it gets down to crunch time with this move, I may be out for a few days from the blogging world, and I will definitely not have wi-fi for about 4 or 5 days. But, it takes time to pack, to move, and then to unpack, so we’ll see how that goes, and what all the Lord has in store for me during that time. And, I’ll just let the Lord lead the way in this, for he is the one directing this move, so I know he has a plan for it all.


28 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Move

  1. Sue, it does sound exhausting moving so many times! I am sure you will enjoy being back “home,” where you can enjoy your grown kids and grandchildren. God who is your strength and refuge will give you what you need to get moved. Blessings!

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  2. Your move sounds so exciting! I’m happy that you will be closer to your children and grandchildren. We are considering moving, also, to be at the midpoint between our children and grandchildren. We would need lots of help to get things packed on a truck, and I am almost 70 myself, so I need plenty of notice to get packed up. I also need that Got Junk folks who come over and haul off all of the junk you have collected. Before moving here, we moved 25 times with the military. I have been happily ensconced here for almost 20 years, but we need something smaller and easier to maintain. Have a blessed and safe move!

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    • Thanks, Vickie. I get that. When we did the retirement move, I cut everything we had in half. The next move was to a one bedroom apartment, so I cut everything back by a third. So, we have majorly downsized twice in 4 years. We don’t have space to collect much, so that is good, so it makes packing a whole lot easier. I hope you find what you need and that your move goes smoothly.

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  3. We’ll be keeping you in prayer as you get settled in. Moving is trying however it is a good thing or at least it has been for us. God keeps us moving and with each one He opens our eyes more and more in ways we could never have imagined.

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