Shutting Down

I am shutting down our wi-fi now. We are loading the truck tomorrow, traveling on Sunday, and moving in to our new apartment in South Carolina on Monday. I can still respond to responses and read your blogs, as time permits, but I will be using data, so I have to limit that. We will get wi-fi hooked back up there on Tuesday, Lord willing. But, then we will be unpacking for a few days.

I surely would appreciate your prayers. We are both exhausted, and we still have a week or so to go before we are moved into our new place and we are no longer living out of boxes. So, please pray for us for strength and for safety, too. Thank you so much! I am praying for you, as well, to have the strength of the Lord to walk in his love and grace and to “touch no unclean thing” (2 Co. 6:17).

Love you all!!!


27 thoughts on “Shutting Down

  1. Father, please grant Sue an added measure of grace during this move from her home to another. We ask that You would grant her favor, support, coverage in all that entails moving. Be her bulwark, her shelter, her rock and her fortress. Help her to not become overwhelmed Lord, but to keep her eyes fixed and focused on You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  2. My prayers are with you both for a sound and safe trip and to new beginnings.
    May God grant you peace and tranquility as you journey through saying goodbye to the old and welcoming what’s ahead. Shalom! 🕊😇

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  3. Dear Sue, Just read your message. Praying for your safety and guidance from our King, may your strength be renewed and may all be well with you, in the mighty name of Jesus-Christ Amen!

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