Slam-Dunked Again

I sense the Holy Spirit leading me to share a series of personal testimonies about my walk of faith and how God prepared me over the course of some 50 years for my present ministry, sharing many of the trials and tribulations he took me through in order to prepare me for what he has now for me to do. I will be sharing these on my Walking Wounded blog, so please check them out on there, if you are interested. Thanks. ❤

Walking Wounded

Have you ever felt like you were drowning? And, that every time you came up for air there was someone there just waiting to push you back under? There was always someone waiting in the wings ready and willing to slam-dunk you if you tried to survive and to thrive?

Perhaps you weren’t drowning. Perhaps you were alive and thriving and doing well, and then you were slam-dunked, and you were pushed “under the water” so that you could not breathe, but by God’s grace you did survive, and you did thrive. But, then it kept happening again and again and again.

My Story

That was the story of my life for many years. I was (and am) a follower of Jesus. I followed Jesus very sincerely, with pure devotion to him and to his word. I took him and his word seriously. I wanted to do what God’s Word…

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