I am reblogging this, because I think this may be where a lot of us are. Three weeks ago Rick and I got sick. It took us 2 weeks to get better. And, then yesterday we started to get sick again, and we are just dragging today (and yesterday). So, last night, I knew the Lord had something for me to write, but I had nothing to give, and I mean nothing! So, I just surrendered to the Lord and became a willing instrument to let him work through me, and he did. And, life is like that sometimes. Things don’t always go the way we planned or the way we hoped, but we need to remain steadfast in our faith despite how we feel or despite our circumstances, so this is what this writing is all about.

Run With It

So, four days ago the Lord Jesus led me to begin to write a new song. Now, that is not a simple task, even for a song that is home recorded, or especially for a song that is amateurishly home recorded, whatever the case may be. For, this one took four days to write from beginning to end.

I am being led of the Lord here to share that process with you, because it is related to the message of this song and to life, in reality. So, here goes:

The Process

First the Lord leads me to write a new song. Then, I sit at the keyboard (piano) and plunk out a tune as I hear it in my head, which sometimes needs to be refined once I have it all written down. Then, I handwrite the notes down on a music score sheet. And, it isn’t just that…

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