Life Before Santa

An Original Work / December 16, 2019

‘Twas the life before Santa,
And all through the church,
They were praising their Lord,
And His righteousness searched.

The bells that were ringing
Were calling for prayer.
They were calling on God
To His righteousness wear.

Confessing their sins,
Thus, they humbly did bow.
Forsaking their idols,
Life with Christ, did avow.

In holiness now,
They were walking with care,
They were following Jesus,
Who their sins did bear.

He was leading them down
A good path, so divine.
He was teaching them how
To live for Christ, sublime.

He was telling them of
His great love and His grace,
And how they could one day
See Him face to face.

Continuing with Him,
They must walk in His love,
And focus their lives
On their Savior above.

They must remain in Him,
And His Word live in them,
Bearing fruit for eternity,
Pleasing God, The AMEN!

13 thoughts on “Life Before Santa

    • Vickie, thank you, but honestly it is not my creativity. All the poems and songs I write come from the Lord. So I give him all the credit. It is his gift to me. I am just his instrument through whom they come. So I thank you on His behalf. Yes! This is a reminder that Jesus is the one to be worshipped, not Santa, so thank you for reblogging this.

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