Changing Times

An Original Work / March 31, 2020

Ring those bells
Call the congregation
We will soon
Have a jubilation

Tell the truth
And, listen to it well
Sit ye down
And listen for a spell

God has called
His people to Him now
To know Him
And at His feet to bow

Changing times
Have people in a whirl
Doubting God
At him their thoughts do hurl

Fear’s ablaze
In the hearts of many
Believing lies
Hope, they ain’t got any

God’s not dead
He hasn’t left the scene
He’s engaged
In truly everything

All is well
For He’s not left our side
When in Him
We truly do abide

He works all
According to His plan
On His Word
We truly can depend.


12 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. So thankful for you and this poem! And very thankful that GOD never leaves us……HE is always working, even when we cannot see…….HE is good all the time in all things, all the time! Stay well my friend!

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