The Army of God

Isaiah 62:1-3 ESV

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent,
and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be quiet,
until her righteousness goes forth as brightness,
and her salvation as a burning torch.
The nations shall see your righteousness,
and all the kings your glory,
and you shall be called by a new name
that the mouth of the Lord will give.
You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord,
and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.”

We live in troubled times. The church of Jesus Christ is under fire, in case you haven’t noticed. And, by “church” I don’t mean institutions of men, or buildings called “church,” or church denominations in an unholy union with the federal government. I mean the body of Christ, the saints of God who have died with Christ to sin and who are living to Christ and to his righteousness, in the power of God’s Spirit living within them.

We have been under the attack of our enemy Satan ever since the church came into being, in reality, but here in America it is now becoming more evident that the church here is under persecution, too. It may publicly be coming in forms of attacks on institutional Christianity, but in reality they (world powers) appear to be on a crusade to bring evangelical Christianity down, to demonstrate to the world that it is bad for society as a whole.

But, this is not anything new, really. This has been going on a long time. But, the pressures are now mounting against the true church, the saints of God here in America, and against the true gospel of our salvation, too. But, this is yet another step in the total destruction of the church, as is Satan’s plan. He and his hordes are surely out to destroy us. But, it is God’s will to revive his church and to breathe life back into her – the life of his Spirit.

And, God will not keep silent until his church is revived, and until his holy people are living holy lives, pleasing to God, and until they are out there in the world letting their lights shine brightly for Jesus Christ, and until they are walking in fellowship with their Lord in obedience to his commands, in unity with Christ and with one another. He is going to keep calling his wandering ones back into fellowship with him, and to repentance and obedience.

And, this is because he loves us, and he has called us to be a holy people living lives which are separate from the world and unto God. So, he will discipline us, in love, in order that we may share in his holiness (Heb. 12).

Isaiah 62:6-9 ESV

“On your walls, O Jerusalem,
I have set watchmen;
all the day and all the night
they shall never be silent.
You who put the Lord in remembrance,
take no rest,
and give him no rest
until he establishes Jerusalem
and makes it a praise in the earth.
The Lord has sworn by his right hand
and by his mighty arm:
‘I will not again give your grain
to be food for your enemies,
and foreigners shall not drink your wine
for which you have labored;
but those who garner it shall eat it
and praise the Lord,
and those who gather it shall drink it
in the courts of my sanctuary.’”

So, the Lord has called certain ones of his saints to be watchmen (and women) in our day and time, to speak his messages (biblical messages) to the people day and night, and to never be silent. Their assignment from God is to expose the lies of the enemy, to proclaim the truth of God’s Word, to call the wandering church to repentance and obedience to Christ, to warn of divine judgment, but to promise restoration for the repentant.

And, the Lord is sending out his watchmen (and women) throughout the earth and on the internet to proclaim his messages so that the adulterous and idolatrous church will come to repentance, and so they will be revived, and so that they will be on fire for the Lord and will be sharing the gospel of our salvation, so that many will be saved before our Lord returns.

For, the church in America, at least, has been overtaken by the enemy for a long while now. I can’t say exactly when this began, but it appears it has been going on my whole lifetime, but in slow, deliberate and calculated steps (increments) of deception, a little at a time, so that it was barely noticeable by the unsuspecting and the naïve.

And, the result has been disastrous! For, so much of the church has been turned upside down, and it has become worldly and adulterous. So much of the church has gone the way of the world and of big business and has converted the church, which is a living organism, into businesses of men to be marketed like any other business, and to make the church appealing to the world, and to dilute the gospel to make it acceptable to the world, too.

So, the vast majority of those who call themselves Christians in America are very worldly and very fleshly, and they have been convinced that they can continue in sinful practices without guilt and without punishment, and that they don’t have to share the gospel, but all they have to do is be “nice” to people and to be “good deed doers.”

And, thus, Satan has emasculated the church, i.e. he has rendered the church here in America powerless, weak, and ineffectual spiritually with regard to holiness, righteousness, purity and faithfulness to God and obedience to his Word. But, God, in his mercy and grace, is still calling his wandering ones to repentance and to renewed faith, because it is God’s will to revive his church, not to hand her over to the enemy for destruction.

Isaiah 62:10-12 ESV

“Go through, go through the gates;
prepare the way for the people;
build up, build up the highway;
clear it of stones;
lift up a signal over the peoples.
Behold, the Lord has proclaimed
to the end of the earth:
Say to the daughter of Zion,
‘Behold, your salvation comes;
behold, his reward is with him,
and his recompense before him.’
And they shall be called The Holy People,
The Redeemed of the Lord;
and you shall be called Sought Out,
A City Not Forsaken.”

So, as followers of Jesus Christ, what is our responsibility with regard to getting out the truth of the gospel, not just to those who have made no profession of faith in Jesus Christ, but to those who have professed faith in Jesus Christ, but for whom it was a false faith, or for those who have wandered away from the true faith they once had?

We may not all be called to be watchmen (and women), but we are all responsible to proclaim the excellencies of him who called us out of darkness into his wonderful light. And, we are all to let our lights shine before men and to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. And, we are to be the Lord’s witnesses to the people of the world, and to snatch people from the fire and to save them, etc.

So, we need to be out there where the people are, which right now in America is on the internet, since we are not allowed to gather in person right now, and we have to keep six feet between us and other people. And, we need to be preparing the hearts of people to repent of their sins and to follow the Lord in obedience to his commands.

And, this involves exposing the lies and the deceptions, and proclaiming the truths of God’s word (in context), so that blinded eyes will be opened and so that people will turn their hearts back to (or to) the Lord in repentance, in surrender to God, and in obedience to his commands.

We need to unite together as the people of God in this effort to get the truth out and to expose Satan’s lies, for many people today are living under a cloud of deception. We need to rise up as a mighty army for God, not in physical warfare, and not with using the weapons of this world, but by putting on the armor of God with which to fight off Satan’s evil attacks against us.

For, the church of Jesus Christ needs to be revived, and many people need to be saved from slavery (bondage, addiction) to sin and to be liberated to now walk in holiness and in purity of devotion to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So, let’s take this opportunity we have been given by God to get alone with God, and to get serious about his calling on our lives. And, then let’s get out there and flood the internet with the true gospel of our salvation so that many will put their trust in Jesus Christ to be their God and Lord.

Onward Christian Soldiers

Sabine Baring-Gould, 1865
Arthur S. Sullivan, 1871

Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
With the cross of Jesus going on before.
Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
Forward into battle see His banners go!

At the sign of triumph Satan’s host doth flee;
On then, Christian soldiers, on to victory!
Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
Brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.

Like a mighty army moves the church of God;
Brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod.
We are not divided, all one body we,
One in hope and doctrine, one in charity.

Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane,
But the church of Jesus constant will remain.
Gates of hell can never ’gainst that church prevail;
We have Christ’s own promise, and that cannot fail.

Onward then, ye people, join our happy throng,
Blend with ours your voices in the triumph song.
Glory, laud, and honor unto Christ the King,
This through countless ages men and angels sing.

Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
With the cross of Jesus going on before.

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6 thoughts on “The Army of God

  1. Scripture says we need to have an answer and I remember in Sunday School as a teen my teacher would challenge us, “Do you know what you would say in this situation?” Every time I come across a question or thought provoking topic I am challenged in faith and in knowledge of His truth. What am I proclaiming and how can I work on spending more time with Him because we never spend enough time, most of us. We can always go! The refinement process continues for the saints! Praise Jesus!

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