The Pride of the Nations will Fall

This blog post was first written on 6/27/06. I believe it was the first writing the Lord gave me when he began having me write nearly daily on the internet, beginning in June of 2006. But, it applies to what is going on in our nation today, so I am reblogging it.

Run With It

The Pride of the Nations Will Fall
Like a Stately Tree Fell at the White House


Yesterday morning I caught a glimpse of the news on TV in the morning while I was trying to wake my brain up in order to have my quiet time with God. Evidently a very large, stately tree near the White House toppled over during a storm. The tree had evidently been planted during Teddy Roosevelt’s term of office (100 years ago). Fox news reported that they did not understand what caused the tree to just topple over. I sensed God telling me that this was a sign of what was going to happen to our nation; our government. I also saw on the news during that short period of time yesterday morning how vast the wildfires are out west, killing over 100,000 acres of greenery. Then, I turned the news off, prayed…

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9 thoughts on “The Pride of the Nations will Fall

    • Actually, when I first began writing on the internet I didn’t have a blog. I wrote on various Christian discussion sites. I am still on the one where this was orginally posted. It is called Christian Forums, and my screen name on there is Christsfreeservant.

      My first blog I began in 2008, but I quit it after about 3 months because I wasn’t getting any (or hardly any) responses. And, I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading it, so I just gave up on it. Two years later, though, in 2010, the Lord had me begin writing on it again, and I have been writing on that one ever since.

      Then, in 2012, someone offered to create a website for me for my music and blog posts, so I had that for maybe 2 years, but then the host just kind of disappeared one day and my blog with them.

      But, in the meanwhile, I began this blog on, which I think I have had nearly 6 years.

      So, that is my blog history. So, the original of this was posted on Christian Forums, and it should still be there in their archives.

      You can find me here:

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