Free from Sin 2

This morning I was reading through some older documents. I was kind of skim reading through this one until I came to the last paragraph, which really jumped out at me. For, it was written as though it could be about what is happening in our world today. So, I just felt led to share it with you today to encourage your hearts. It encouraged my heart.

Free from Sin

Monday, April 17, 2017
Scripture: Romans 1:18-2:16

“So, this morning, the Lord Jesus put in mind this song ‘Bless This House.’ I believe ‘the house’ the Lord is speaking of is his church, the body of Christ, but the blessings he has for us may not come in the form of material wealth, worldly possessions and the national freedoms we may now be experiencing, especially here in America. In fact, having all the stuff we have now can be a detriment to our walks of faith.

“The way in which he wants to bless us, I believe, is to give us eternal benefits from God, which have eternal and lasting value. And, that may come through trials and tribulations which will test our faith, and which will refine and purify us, so that we will walk righteously before our God and not in the ways of this sinful world.”

Bless This House

Helen Taylor / May H. Morgan

Bless the people here within,
Keep them pure and free from sin . . .

Bless us all that we may be,
Fit O Lord to dwell with Thee . . .

If you want to, you can read the whole document here.


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