The Floods Have Lifted Up

Psalm 93:1-2 ESV

“The Lord reigns; he is robed in majesty;
the Lord is robed; he has put on strength as his belt.
Yes, the world is established; it shall never be moved.
Your throne is established from of old;
you are from everlasting.”

God is absolutely sovereign over all that he has made. He is still on the throne! Amen! Our Lord God Jesus reigns supreme. He is still King! He is not weak. He is still all powerful and all knowing. Nothing escapes his notice. Nothing in all the earth goes under his radar. He knows all that is going on behind closed doors. And, he will act when the time is right.

Nothing overtakes God. Nothing thwarts his plans and his purposes. He has reasons for all that he allows. Yet, he is not unsympathetic to our cause. But, he allows things in our lives for his purposes, to make us who he wants us to be, to conform us to his likeness, to purify us, to make us holy, and to bring us to maturity in Christ, our Lord.

Psalm 93:3 ESV

“The floods have lifted up, O Lord,
the floods have lifted up their voice;
the floods lift up their roaring.”

We have a foe. He goes by the name Satan (or the devil). Sometimes he is called Lucifer. In the book of Revelation, he is referred to as a dragon. In Genesis he was in the form of a serpent. And he is against God, against Jesus Christ, against the true gospel of Christ, and he is against those of us who are the Lord’s servants and messengers.

And, he has evil spirits and evil humans who do his bidding. And, they also work against us and for him. And, some of these evil humans are in positions of world power and rule. They are kings or queens, presidents, prime ministers, governors, mayors, congressmen and women, senators, CEOs of corporations, bankers, and pastors of church congregations, etc.

And, they are indeed lifting up their voices, and they are roaring against the people of the world, and against sovereign nations, and against followers of Jesus Christ who are the true church. And, you can read about it in the news, and on social media, and on blogs, and on various internet sites.

And, you can see it and hear it on TV programs, on news shows, and on talk shows, and the like. But what you need to hear and to see may not be what is seemingly obvious, but what is hidden. So, don’t take it all at face value. Pray for much spiritual discernment! Mind manipulation is real!

There is a barrage of all kinds of messages, many of which are intended to make people afraid, to confuse them, to get them angry and upset, and to get them fighting with one another over some things that aren’t even real.

For, their goal is to divide and conquer. And, so they throw more and more things out there for the public’s consumption that ignites division. And, so we have to not believe everything we see, or that we think we are seeing, for anything can be faked (just think Hollywood). And, we have to stop believing everything we hear or that we read, for there are multitudes of liars and deceivers among us who are trying to lead us astray.

And, understand that Satan’s servants will disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. So, they could even be those who are preaching holiness and righteous living, in order to lead us to follow those who are truly antichrist, but who are masquerading as servants of righteousness or as sympathizers of Christians and of the church. For, Satan is going to try to make you feel that he is on your side so that he can lure you to destruction.

So, pay attention carefully to what these people in the public are saying. Pay attention to where their true loyalties lie. And, examine those carefully in prayer before the Lord, seeking God’s face for truth – his truth. For, the devil is very clever. And, he knows how to deceive, and how to manipulate naïve minds into believing whatever he tells them. So, seek the counsel of God so that you don’t jump on the bandwagons of deceiving forces.

Psalm 93:4-5 ESV

“Mightier than the thunders of many waters,
mightier than the waves of the sea,
the Lord on high is mighty!
Your decrees are very trustworthy;
holiness befits your house,
O Lord, forevermore.”

But, praise the Lord, our God is mightier than any of these masqueraders of righteousness. Our God is stronger than any foe that would come against us. He is more powerful than any global powers that may be trying to take us captive to do their will. And, his voice is above all these roaring voices.

He is mightier than anything this world can throw at us. And, so we never have cause to live in fear. We have no reason to fear anything that may come our way.

But this doesn’t mean we will be protected from bad things. For, he promises us that suffering is part of our walks of faith in Jesus Christ. He promises us that we will be hated, rejected, and persecuted for righteousness’ sake. And, while we live on this earth, we will have pain, sorrow, and sickness. That is just part of being human. Yet, we should walk in wisdom, but we are not to live in fear. There is a difference.

Yet, as things in this life continue to get crazier and crazier, and when we don’t understand it all, or why things have to go the way they are, or what our responses should be to our situations, we need to call on God for wisdom. But then we need to listen to his counsel, and then heed it. And, we need to know that not everything is what it appears to be. For, if we don’t see that, we are prime for being deceived.

In all of the junk that is going down in the world, though, we must remember that God is still sovereign. He is still in control. Nothing can thwart his purposes. He has this handled. So, we need to trust him completely. We need to trust his word, too, for he is completely trustworthy! He is the only one who is!! He will do what he said he would do.

And, truly he is looking out for what is best for us, as he defines best. For, his goal for us is that we walk in holiness, in purity of devotion to him, that we forsake our sins and our idols, and that we follow him in obedience. So, he will do what is necessary to get his people to live for him and no longer for themselves. So, when it gets even crazier, TRUST HIM!

Bow the Knee

Chris Machen and Mike Harland

When the path grows dim and our questions have no answers, turn to Him.

Bow the knee; Trust the heart of your Father when the answer goes beyond what you can see.
Bow the knee; Lift your eyes toward heaven and believe the One who holds eternity.
And when you don’t understand the purpose of His plan,
In the presence of the King, bow the knee.

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