Only God

Would you please pray for my husband for true deliverance from his life of sin? Thank you.

Searching My Heart

The past several days the Lord has taken me on a journey into the ugly depths of my heart. In the past I have just visited there and seen a glimpse of the depravity, but in these days I have determined to stay there and face the lust and the idolatry and the adultery and the lies head-on and to repent of all of them. I have, only by God’s help and power, repented of all of them so far and cast away every idol he has shown me and cast out every spirit he led me to in Jesus’ name. I continue to wait before him as he shows me more that needs to be purged from my heart.

I believe that as others have been praying for me and I for myself God is showing me one reason that he has to continue to pursue me despite all…

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7 thoughts on “Only God

  1. Let me just state here that a confession is just the starting point. If all one does is just confess, but nothing ever changes, then it is just empty chatter. Confession must lead to genuine repentance resulting in genuine and permanent change. So my prayer request is that Rick would move beyond just confessing his sins to genuine repentance resulting in life altering change in his relationship with God and in his attitudes and behaviors, and in his relationship with me and with others. If you respond to him, hold him to the fire. Ask him to show how he is changing and how he is no longer recycling the same old patterns of behavior. Thank you so much!

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