The Road Less Traveled

An Original Work / October 24, 2020

I had a choice between two roads –
One was narrow, and one was broad,
One was honest, and one a fraud,
One of the devil, one of God.

I had to choose which one to take –
The road less traveled, will it do?
Or should I choose what others do?
Which will be false, and which is true?

I had to choose, for time is short –
Life on this earth not guaranteed,
For it can be cut off, indeed.
I had to choose, do it with speed.

So, choose I did, I made my choice –
I chose the narrow road as best,
That in Christ’s life I would invest,
E’en though I knew it’d be a test.

I made the right choice, yes I did –
I chose to leave my life of sin,
And let Christ Jesus to come in,
And follow Him until the end.

I keep on choosing Him, you see –
To daily choose Him, yes I do,
To follow Him now, through and through,
To do the things He did – me, too.

4 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

    • Rahjomuelvin, thank you for this encouragement. All the glory goes to God! Honestly, he feeds me the words to the poems and to the songs. All I do is record them.

      I am glad that the poem ministered to you. Thank you for sharing that with me. Those two lines you picked out, when put together, give a very good message. Thank you for putting them together like that. Yes, it is a choice between following other people or following the Lord. Amen!

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