Saved from Captivity

The setting of this, as translated to our day and time: Many people who profess the name of Jesus Christ are living in open idolatry and spiritual adultery against their Lord God. God, in his great love and mercy, has been confronting his rebellious people with their sins of idolatry and spiritual adultery, warning of judgment, and calling them to repentance.

But the vast majority are not listening. They are not heeding the warnings. Many even despise these warnings, and they despise the messengers through whom these warnings come. And, thus, they persecute and perhaps even kill the Lord’s servants and witnesses.

God has been warning them, as well, against putting their trust in humans, because there are many liars and deceivers throughout the world who are leading God’s people astray. Yet, many are not listening. They are not heeding the warnings, and they are continuing to put their trust in humans over God.

They are not testing what they hear, read and see, in prayer, and against the word of God, and in spiritual discernment and wisdom, but they are going their own stubborn way, some even vehemently refusing to even consider that what they are believing and trusting in could be false, and that they might well be deceived. So, God, who keeps his word, is bringing against them the judgments he promised.

Jeremiah 46:27-28 ESV

“But fear not, O Jacob my servant,
nor be dismayed, O Israel,
for behold, I will save you from far away,
and your offspring from the land of their captivity.
Jacob shall return and have quiet and ease,
and none shall make him afraid.

“Fear not, O Jacob my servant,
declares the Lord,
for I am with you.
I will make a full end of all the nations
to which I have driven you,
but of you I will not make a full end.
I will discipline you in just measure,
and I will by no means leave you unpunished.”

The Captivity

The captivity that the adulterous and rebellious church is in today is captivity to the lies and deceptions of man. They have been listening to and following after those lies for many generations.

In America, we were lied to from birth, given the impression that our government was next to godliness. And we were taught, with hand over heart, to vow fidelity (pledge allegiance) to our government, and we were told our nation was one nation under the one true God.

This undying allegiance (worship) to our government was forced upon us both in our public schools and within the gatherings of the church. Any institutional church I attended over my lifetime pretty much all displayed the American flag at the front of the sanctuary (worship center).

We were also taught to sing patriotic songs which were also songs of worship to our government, and we were taught that our military were our heroes, and that they were the ones keeping us safe and protecting our freedoms, and so we honored them in church gatherings, too.

Thus, we were taught never to question our government leaders but to give them our undying loyalty. And many of us were raised to believe everything the news media said, too, never thinking that they could be lying to us, for why would they? I mean, the news is the news, right? No! Wrong!

We were taught a system of government early on that impressed upon our young minds that it was to be trusted fully and never doubted. Now, maybe I am the exception to the rule, but I don’t think so, but I believed in the system, that it was sanctioned by God, and so I did what they said to do.

When I became old enough to vote, I voted in the elections. I chose the political party of my parents’ choosing, believing they were the “good guys,” like America was the “good guys,” too. With only one exception, thus, I always voted a straight party ticket. And I believed my vote mattered.

Eyes Opened

But then the Lord began to open my eyes sixteen years ago, and I began to see that the US government were not the “good guys” of the world, going around doing good to the people of this world, but that they were the world’s terrorist organization going around the world overtaking other nations.

I learned that Republican and Democrat don’t exist, but that they are just two sides of the same whole acting out their various roles, and that they are not the true government of the USA, but that a shadow government of the elite of the world are the de facto government of the US.

Thus, I learned that all our elections are fixed, and that they decide who is going to sit in the White House as their puppet, so my vote doesn’t count, and I really have no choice, so this isn’t the government I thought it was, and our military are not our heroes but they are doing evil to other nations.

I learned, too, that our government fakes scenarios, and the news media fakes news, and that they create false flag situations that hurt their own people, but they set it up to cast the blame on someone other than themselves. So, they are not for us, but against us – all of them.

And more lately I have seen the same modus operandi at work in the US as what the US and their allies were doing in overtaking many other nations of the world over a span of many years, and with the goal to bring us all under the rule of a one world totalitarian government of the “beast.”

So, this is why the Lord is saying to his people, “Don’t put your trust in man! Put your trust in God, and in God alone!”

But this isn’t just about putting our faith and trust in our government and in the news media, but it is also about putting faith and trust in preachers and teachers of the Word who are teaching what is false, and what is contrary to God and to his word.

Much of the church in America has also fallen prey to the deceptions of preachers and teachers who are convincing them that they can believe in Jesus, have heaven guaranteed them when they die, but that they don’t have to repent of sin, obey the Lord, or submit to Christ as Lord.

And again, even though the Lord has been pointing these things out to his people, and he has been calling them to repentance and to renewed faith in him, many have continued on in their sinful ways and they have continued to put their trust in man over God.

So, the Lord is allowing his church to go through some serious difficult times now because the majority refused to listen to him and to heed his warnings. So, their trust in man is going to backfire on them. We are already seeing much of the truth coming out into the open, and we are seeing where this is all headed, but it will get worse in the days to come, most assuredly.

But we are not to fear what is coming, for it is for our good, to get us spiritually ready for our Lord’s return. But we are to surrender our lives to Jesus Christ, submit to him as Lord, forsake our sins, and follow him in obedience, putting our trust in him alone, and not in man.

Do Not Fear

An Original Work / June 2, 2013
Based off John 14

Do not let your hearts fear.
Trust in God. Trust in Christ.
“In My house you will find
Many rooms I have
Prepared for you,
And I will come back
And take you to heav’n.”

“I will take you to be with Me;
You’ll be where I am.”

“I am the way and
The truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father,
Except he comes through Me,
So put your faith in Me,
And do all of what I command.”

“Whoever has My commands
And obeys them loves Me.”

“I did not leave you as orphans.
I sent you the Counselor;
The Holy Spirit to live in you.
He teaches you all things,
And He reminds you of Me.”

“My peace I give to you,
So do not fear, trust in Me.”

5 thoughts on “Saved from Captivity

  1. In the US, a few administrations ago, when the 2 remaining presidential candidates had to debate the topic of same-sex issues, based upon Romans 1, it seemed clear that God’s judgment of the US was increasing. He was turning more & more people over to themselves – to their “worthless” minds – minds that see no value in having God in knowledge He has made clear to all people (1:28).

    During the next administration, when the US elected a President many seemed to worship and compare to a messiah, it soon became clear that God’s judgment was continuing to increase. People’s capacity for thought of truth was being diminished, which meant Biblical Love would also diminish (Philippians 1), which is just in association with the judgment spoken of in Romans 1.

    During the most recent administration, it was clear that the underlying hatred in a growing segment of the US for anything true and godly, and the underlying criminality of a the larger part of US leadership, was exposing itself in attacking this new administration. What had existed more in darkness, was now being exposed to the light.

    As you write, Sue, the idolatry, the false gospels which facilitate rather than rebel against sin, the business of church, the extensive criminality and sin, the changing of language to honor the thoughts from what God calls worthless minds, the rampant lack of faith in / obedience to the One with all authority in Heaven and on earth, does not bode well for the US.

    When Paul evangelized, his more complete proclamation was recorded for us in Acts 13. Within this proclamation of the Good News of Jesus being The Christ, The Son of God, The Eternal King pursuant to God’s Covenant with King David, Paul pointed to Psalm 2 to make clear who YWHW’s Christ is. Everyone should become familiar with this Psalm and with just who and what The Christ – The True Messiah – is. Know how He laughs in derision against all those who oppose Him – kings or otherwise.

    It’s being made more and more clear in the US that He is ultimately in control. He’s gracious and patient to provide the opportunity for repentance. But, He loves righteousness and hates lawlessness. Ultimately this is always made clear as, when, and however He sees fit.

    Thank you for your work in exposing what is going on in the so-called “church,” Sue. This is a very large and predominate part of the problem here and everywhere. I’m sure you have not been favored by people for your message. Please know that there are some that share in and agree with much of what you say. Just how many, He knows. And that’s what truly matters.

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  2. GL, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. Thank you, too, for your encouragement and support. I can see that we don’t completely agree on everything but that we both see that there is corruption in the government and in the church. God is judging the church and this nation, I believe. And I believe the Lord will purify and make ready his bride during this time, too. God bless you, GL.


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