A Christmas Poem

An Original Work / December 25, 2020

You say that Christmas is about Jesus,
The One who died on the cross to free us.
You say that His birth you must celebrate –
It must be celebrated on this date.

But who foretold of this, it would come true?
Who said that Jesus’ birth we must renew?
Who said that Christmas is the day to be
Thinking of Jesus as a small baby?

Where in the word of God is this mandate?
Where are we told to worship on this date?
Where did the prophets tell this would occur –
This worship of Christmas, to you allure?

What does the word of God require of you?
To your Lord Jesus, let your hearts be true.
Give of your life to God, on His altar.
In faithfulness to Him, do not falter.

Walk in much fellowship with Him each day.
Bow on your knees to Him, and daily pray.
Forsake your sins and do what Jesus says.
Live your life for Him, let Him be your stead.

Seek Him with all your heart, oh every day.
Submit to Him as Lord, without delay.
Inquire of Him, to what He has you do.
Walk with Him faithfully, to Him be true.

One thought on “A Christmas Poem

  1. Beautiful. I am not Christian or well versed in the Bible. Nevertheless I love this. As it really important to honor our responsibility to God, in being human and what today represents ( says I a nob Christian. ). For me Christmas is a time to be with God, to renew and become better, a new start.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas


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