Talk About Jesus

An Original Work / April 3, 2021

Talk about Jesus when the sun arises.
Don’t be a phony, putting on disguises.
Talk about Jesus middle of the daytime,
Not just at church or in your prayers at mealtime.

Talk about Jesus to your friends on Facebook.
Don’t be ashamed of him or of the Good Book.
Talk about Jesus in your tweets on Twitter.
Don’t vacillate in your beliefs or flitter.

Talk about Jesus in the early evening
On the internet’s sites, blogs, even texting.
Talk about Jesus naturally as most things.
Make him a part of everyday conversing.

Talk about Jesus, not just on holidays.
Is He your best friend? Then, that you should convey.
Our faith in Jesus not just for special days.
If we believe Him, each day, then, we should say.

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