The 7 Stages of Hospital Treatments

Before I begin this, I just want to say that I am sad for all people who are ill, who are suffering, and who have lost loved ones to death as a result of all viral infections and any other diseases, illnesses, disabilities, and/or injuries. And I also grieve for those whose loved ones are suffering the ill effects and/or death as a result of experimental vaccines. I hurt for them all!

Yesterday I read a meme on social media that was titled, “The 7 Stages of Severe Covid-19.” But as I read through the meme, I realized that what it was really describing are the 7 Stages of Hospital Treatments for a diagnosis of Covid-19. And here is why I say that:

Stage 1 begins by stating the patient has debilitating symptoms for a few days, but now it is so hard to breathe that he comes to the emergency room of the hospital. Now, from this point forward it is all about the treatments the hospital gives him and his reactions to the treatment.

First, they give him (or her) 1 to 4 liters of oxygen per minute. I asked a couple of nurses about this, and they said they usually begin with 1 to 2 liters of oxygen for people whose oxygen saturation level is below 92%. Now, I admit I don’t understand oxygen saturation levels.

But they also give them antivirals, steroids, anticolagulants or monoclonal antibodies. Then it says the patient will spend several days in the hospital feeling run-down, but if they can wean the patient off the oxygen, he will get discharged. He survived.

But then stage 2 says it becomes harder for the patient to breathe so they increase the oxygen from 4 liters to 15 to 40 liters per minute. Then, his oxygen saturation rapidly declines, so the patient is transferred to the intensive care unit. And now the patient is hyperventilating, so now they put him on “positive pressure” ventilation to push pressure into his lungs.

Now in stage 4 the patient’s breathing becomes even more labored, so now they intubate him, and then they prepare the patient for the fact that he may not make it and that he should call his loved ones if he is able. Then they connect the patient to a ventilator, they sedate him, and he is paralyzed.

And by stage 7 the family decides to withdraw care. And the patient dies. And his (or her) family and friends grieve over his (or her) death. But could this all have been prevented?

My Thoughts

I wonder, though, what the stages would have been with home care and without hospital intervention. That, to me, would be the stages of the illness.

When our oldest son was a small child, one day he came into the living room, and he could not breathe for he had a bad cold and head congestion. We called the doctor and he said to put his head over a cool air mist vaporizer and that did the trick. He was breathing again on his own.

I am 71 years old. I have survived many childhood illnesses, and many bouts of various viruses, colds, and flu, etc. And there were many times I had difficulty breathing because my head and my nose were congested. And there were times when I took medications for these symptoms, mostly which only made my symptoms much worse.

Prayer alone or combined with natural remedies has always worked best for me. Per the Lord’s instructions to me, I have been pharmaceutical dependent free for 13 years. I trust the Lord through every pain and illness.

Anyway, my purpose in sharing this is that I believe a lot of these memes are manipulative, and that this one was intended to scare people into taking the vaccine, for it stated that when people are vaccinated, their COVID-19 infections “most likely end after Stage 1.” And then it says, “Get vaccinated. If you choose not to, here’s what to expect if you are hospitalized for a serious case of COVID-19.” And then they gave us the 7 stages.

I do question if all of these treatments are necessary, and if this is now standard procedure for whenever someone is having difficulty breathing. It seems a bit extreme to me, yet it seems to be standard operating procedure, and then added to it are these “veiled threats” we keep getting if we choose not to get vaccinated.

My concern is that people are buying into whatever the government and these memes (social media posts) are feeding them, and that they are giving way to fear and that they are getting vaccinated out of fear of dying, and that many people are now dying after getting vaccinated, or they are ending up with blood clots, heart attacks, and more debilitating illnesses.

But the Lord doesn’t want us to give way to fear. He doesn’t want us making decisions based on fear but on faith. Jesus Christ not only came to deliver us from our slavery to sin, but he is our healer. I am not saying here that we shouldn’t go to doctors or hospitals, but that we should not run to humans to heal us out of fear of the consequences if we don’t. But we should run to God and pray for wisdom to do what is right.

4 thoughts on “The 7 Stages of Hospital Treatments

  1. I agree that a lot of memes and news stories on are pushing the government agenda. For whatever reason, the USA wants everyone vaccinated, whether it is good or safe for them or not. I was appalled to hear the local news the other night pushing vaccinations on pregnant women. Seriously? They don’t know what the vaccine does to adults, but they want the unborn exposed to it. The doctor interviewed said that they are “pretty sure” it won’t harm the fetus. That’s not good enough for me! This has become the worst propaganda campaign ever!

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