Put Your Trust Solely in The Lord

Psalms 33:4-5 ESV

“For the word of the Lord is upright,
and all his work is done in faithfulness.
He loves righteousness and justice;
the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.”

Who tells the truth these days? Not many. Who can you rely on to tell you the truth? Only God! How can you be sure what is true and what is not? In many cases you can’t, because deception abounds, and so many things are twisted and doctored and modified and altered and faked. And even seemingly opposing forces are often times just two sides of the same whole playing both ends in order to confuse, and to get people fighting each other.

Just because you see something in a video it doesn’t mean that is really what took place, for videos can be doctored and altered. Just because “so and so” says it is true it doesn’t mean it is true, no matter who they are. Just because you read statistics, it doesn’t mean they have any validity to them. Just because you vote in an election it doesn’t mean your vote counts or that the election is not rigged. They are all rigged, much like what is happening in some (or all) professional sports.

Just because someone is supposedly an expert in a particular field, it doesn’t mean he tells the truth. Many have hidden agendas they are working out. Just because they tell you that “science says,” it doesn’t mean that science really says or that you can trust science. Just because they come out and tell you the next scary thing that you are to be afraid of, it doesn’t mean it is real or that it is legitimate in every aspect or that you should fear it.

So, the point here is that only the Word of the Lord is fully upright and can be totally trusted, but we need to read it in context and not cherry pick the Scriptures we like and throw out the ones we don’t like. And we need to be relying on the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth, and not be relying on other humans to tell us what is truth, for there are many charlatans in this world and many liars and deceivers whose goal it is to deceive and to lead astray.

Psalms 33:10-12 ESV

“The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing;
he frustrates the plans of the peoples.
The counsel of the Lord stands forever,
the plans of his heart to all generations.
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people whom he has chosen as his heritage!”

If you are trusting in some politician or someone in a prominent position within the government or some expert in any particular field or some rich guy who wields enormous influence and power to tell you the truth, you can forget it! Don’t put your trust in humans. They are bound to fail you. Put your trust solely in the Lord and listen to other humans with the discernment of the Lord and of the Scriptures. For the Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing. So, don’t be caught in a web of deceit.

We have to study the Scriptures, and we must be praying for spiritual wisdom and discernment so that we don’t end up following liars to our deaths, and so we are not led astray, and so we don’t put our hope in men who can’t save us, although they will claim that they will. And we have to know the prophecies of Scripture regarding these last days. For look around you. They are being fulfilled before your eyes. So, we need to interpret current events in light of the teachings of Scripture and not in our flesh.

We have to be wise here and realize that not everything is as it appears on the surface and that we can’t trust everything we think we see or hear or read, no matter the source, unless it is Scripture. But even there we have to be careful that we are not trusting in humans to interpret Scripture for us. Certainly we can learn from others, but we still need to test everything and make sure that what we are hearing is of God and not of the flesh of man. For many people are twisting the Scriptures and are lying to you.

Psalms 33:13-17 ESV

“The Lord looks down from heaven;
he sees all the children of man;
from where he sits enthroned he looks out
on all the inhabitants of the earth,
he who fashions the hearts of them all
and observes all their deeds.
The king is not saved by his great army;
a warrior is not delivered by his great strength.
The war horse is a false hope for salvation,
and by its great might it cannot rescue.”

There is a popular teaching these days that says that once you believe in Jesus and your sins are forgiven that God can no longer see when you sin but that all he sees is Jesus when he looks at you and so he delights in you no matter what you are doing, even if you are vegging out on porn and living in immorality and cheating on your spouse and lying about it. Hogwash! Scripture does not teach that! It teaches the opposite, and it says to Christians that they are going to be judged by what they do.

God does not cease to be God just because you have made a confession of him as your Savior and Lord. He still sees everything and he still knows everything and he still is present everywhere, so he sees when you sneak a peek at someone in lust and when you have that private conversation with someone behind your spouse’s back and when you look at porn and when you slander others or pretend to be someone you are not to try to trick, trap, and accuse others wrongfully.

And God has a message for us all. We are not saved by politicians nor by political parties nor by protest organizations nor by the government nor by preachers nor by our military, etc. No one can rescue us from the evil that is in this world other than God Almighty, Lord of all things, who is completely sovereign over all that he has made. And watch out if you put your trust in humans to save you for it may well backfire on you and you may learn that they were not who they said they were but that they are really the enemy.

Psalms 33:18-22 ESV

“Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him,
on those who hope in his steadfast love,
that he may deliver their soul from death
and keep them alive in famine.

“Our soul waits for the Lord;
he is our help and our shield.
For our heart is glad in him,
because we trust in his holy name.
Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us,
even as we hope in you.”

Don’t put your trust in princes who cannot save. Fear God! Give him all your trust and confidence. Give him all your honor and praise. Look to him alone for your salvation and for your help and for the truth. Honor him with your bodies. Forsake your sins and follow him in obedience, for he will lead you on a righteous path that will not disappoint. Give him all your loyalty and allegiance and worship and praise. And let him rescue you from evil.

Wait on the Lord, let him work, and don’t run ahead of him and try to solve life’s issues on your own. Let him be your counselor, your doctor, your pastor, your head. Look to him and to him alone to know the right things to do. He will not lead you on the wrong path. And he is the only one who truly knows the truth about everything that is going on in this world and in our own lives, so we need to go to him for wisdom and for discernment and for guidance in knowing what to do and what to say, etc.

Lean on him alone for your support. Cry out your tears to him and then let him dry them. Let him heal your broken hearts. Let him comfort you in times of sorrow and confusion and with all the fearmongering that is going on daily in the news. Trust him with your heart. And please do not get caught up in all this frenzy and angst and fighting and quarreling that is going on in the world and that is turning Christian against Christian. Let God be God. Let him rule. And let him be your peace. He is in control!

You’ll Be in My Heart

By Phil Collins

Come stop your crying
It will be alright
Just take my hand
Hold it tight
I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here
Don’t you cry

‘Cause you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more

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3 thoughts on “Put Your Trust Solely in The Lord

  1. Hi Sue,
    You asked me to read this post and one additional post ( https://runwithit.blog/2022/02/05/the-beast-is-deceiving-people/) and pray about it and I have done that. You also asked me to answers some questions on the additional post which I shall address at the bottom of this comment.

    But before I respond to your questions pertaining to the 2nd post I would like to summarize what you have inferred or indicated in this particular post.

    * You indicated that the only consistent source of totally trustworthy truth is God.

    * You inferred that videos aren’t necessarily truthful because they can be doctored.

    * Same thing with statistics, they do not necessarily represent truth because they can be misrepresented (invalidated).

    * All elections are rigged, which again would infer they have all been manipulated in some form or another, much like what is happening in some (or all) professional sports.

    * Experts in a particular field don’t always tell the truth because many have hidden agendas.

    * Just because someone tells you that “science says,” does not necessarily mean that science really says that or that you can have confidence in or trust science.

    * Just because someone tells you something that alarms you, does not mean that it is necessarily true or that it is legitimate in every aspect or that you should fear it.

    * Your point is that only the Word of the Lord can be totally trusted, and we need to be relying on the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth, and not be relying on other humans to tell us what is truth, for there are many charlatans in this world and many liars and deceivers whose goal it is to deceive and to lead astray.

    Observation: I understand the point you are making but your examples pertaining to truth touch on the use of day to day professionals such as medical Doctors, and we do need to pay for groceries when we are given a statistical total of the cost of the goods we have purchased, not to mention pay taxes etc. Rendering to Caesar what is Caesars is biblical, as is using common sense fairly in our dealings with others. Not all videos are doctored, not all elections are rigged, not all statistics are invalid and not all professionals (which would include scientists and medical Doctors) have agendas, yet you are using these examples as validation for seeking all truth solely from God’s Word and totally disregarding everything that comes from an alternate source, on the premise that they are not 100% reliable like God is. Do you go to a Doctor? Do you buy groceries? Do you pay taxes? Do you take medications? Do you purchase gasoline for your car? Do you see my point regarding your examples? There are indeed biblical truths and secular truths and I would agree that secular truths are not 100% reliable, but we do still need to use common sense and utilize them in day to day living.

    I have no disagreement with your other paragraphs that summarize how we are to forsake sin and follow Him in obedience, nor do I have any disagreement with regard to studying God’s Holy Word and seeking His guidance through the leading of the Holy Spirit on biblical truth. Nor do I have any disagreement with this statement: “We are not saved by politicians nor by political parties nor by protest organizations nor by the government nor by preachers nor by our military, etc. No one can rescue us from the evil that is in this world other than God Almighty, Lord of all things, who is completely sovereign over all that he has made.” Matter of fact, I personally have expounded on these realities on my blog numerous times.

    Now to address the 2nd post (https://runwithit.blog/2022/02/05/the-beast-is-deceiving-people/ )

    This particular paragraph immediately caught my attention:

    “Please ask the Lord to show you who this beast is, for he isn’t just one person. He is a conglomerate of many people – kings, queens, heads of state, CEOs of corporations, the wealthy elite, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, NATO, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the entertainment industry, the media, the institutional church, the Jewish nation, and the US government, and so much more.”

    I personally believe, like God’s Word says, that there will be a one world government or order and the beast and the second beast will be at the head of that one world order and I also believe that there will be a process that brings this about but what you are doing here is taking that process and saying it is the beast and the 2nd beast now and I do not agree with that. There will come a time when all will have to submit to the authority of the beast by taking a mark on the forehead or hand to show allegiance to the beast and I for one, if I am alive when that happens, will not take that mark. The process that will unfold will undoubtedly play a part in the conditioning of the masses towards hatred for Christians and accepting the beasts requirements but the mark is still a physical mark and is not to be confused with the process. One leads up to the other, it is not the other.

    These are the questions you asked me to answer on this 2nd post:

    How do you think you will know the beast when you see him?
    He would be the one imposing the requirement of the mark of the beast.

    How can you be sure you would recognize him (or it)?
    Authority has a way in which it demands recognition. I’m pretty sure we will know.

    What would you be looking for to identify him (or it) as the beast?
    He who becomes the object of worship by much of humanity (Rev 13:3-4) and is a symbol of all that is opposed to God.

    How can you be sure you are not following him in any ways now, or that you are not being influenced by him (it) now?
    That is a loaded question. I could ask you the same thing. Do you still pay taxes? Do you still use US currency? Do you seek medical care? Don’t confuse the process leading up to the reality, with the actual reality.

    I asked you to read the exchange that I had with a fellow Christian named Craig. This is what I stated to Craig:

    “Hi Craig, went to bed early last night so I only saw this comment, this morning. There are actually two streams of discussion that we can have dialogue with others on. One has to do with Christianity and the other would be secular concerns. Problem being, frequently the secular is dovetailed into the Christian dialogue where conspiracy theories end up being interwoven into the stream. Generally speaking, I try to avoid online discussions with regard to secular topics and focus rather on Christian related discussions. Topics that are related to QAnon or the Great Reset, as examples, would in my mind, qualify as a Conspiracy Theory. And, interestingly enough, the reality of or denial of Covid 19, not to mention, the purpose of, also factor into these two conspiracy theories. Again, as a rule of thumb, I do not enter into these “discussions” online as I believe they detract from the spreading of the Gospel, not to mention, our own credibility, which has a direct correlation with the credibility of our message.

    Adhering to the Rule of Law as long as it does not violate our conscience with regard to following God’s will for us, is another aspect that I believe is supported by Scripture so I would not condone riots in the streets where individuals are harmed or property is damaged. Lawful assembly is acceptable. Again, as a general rule, I do not personally engage online in discussions that are aimed at justifying civilian unrest or general population health care concerns because I believe that it also detracts from our mission of spreading the Gospel.

    However, that does not mean that I do not do my own independent research so that I might obtain a relatively informed opinion on controversial subject matters that are prevalent within the general population at large in our societies.

    You indicate that you do not know what I mean when I use the terms “conspiracy theories” or “engaging in destructive civic disobedience”. Maybe I should have defined those terms or given an example of each in our side comments but I assumed that generally speaking, you and I would be of like mind with regard to their general definitions. QAnon would be a prime example of a conspiracy theory in my mind, and what transpired in your nations capitol on 6 Jan 2021 would be a prime example of destructive civil disobedience, neither of which I would condone the pursuit of.

    As per my personal decision not to engage online in discussions pertaining to conspiracy theories or destructive civil disobedience, you will very rarely find posts on my Christian Apologetics blog which address these specific issues although I have provided links on fact checking resources and recommended standard documentation validation processes.

    When the beast that is spoken of in the bible arrives as a one world leader and if I am still here, I would NOT be taking any “mark” which would indicate my allegiance to him, nor would I advocate any Christian take the mark or render allegiance to him. And that would be the prime example of not obeying a ruler due to a conflict with our conscience of obeying God’s clear will.

    What concerns me IN THE INTERIM between now and when the beast makes his demand, is what and who we focus on and I would put forward that I believe the bible clearly indicates our focus should be on Jesus and His specific directions on what our mind set should be.

    I don’t know if this response clarifies or provides insight into the pondering you think I should consider, as it relates to this post, but it is my hope that it does. God’s continued blessings on you and yours Craig.”

    I believe that this is a balanced response to how I should respond to biblical truth and secular truth.

    May God’s grace, peace and blessings be poured upon you and yours Sue,

    Your brother in Christ



    • Bruce, I read your response. I read where you said you prayed about this. But I don’t see where you shared with me the answer that you received from the Lord. What did the Lord tell you about this? What did he specifically direct you to say to me? I don’t see where you are stating that to me.

      What I see are your observations based largely on your own reasoning and thinking, which is human reasoning, not necessarily in line with God and with his word and with the way he thinks about things. And it appears that you missed the point of what the Scriptures teach us with regard to where our trust must remain, and your first observations were in the defense of humans and the roles they play in our lives and in the defense of your own logic. But even our own logic must be in line with the teachings of Scripture.

      I did say all elections are rigged, mainly thinking of national ones in America, because I believe they are, because this is something the Spirit revealed to me a long time ago, and there is much evidence to support that they are. And that is why I stopped voting in 2008. And I have not voted in any election since that time, as directed by God’s Spirit, who I do trust.

      But I did not say that all videos are doctored or that all statistics are invalid or that all medical professionals have hidden agendas. And NO I am not using these examples as validation for seeking all truth from God and from His Word. The Word of God is my source which tells me that my trust must be in him and in him alone and that he alone is my source for truth, and not human beings, in whom he says we are not to place our trust.

      And NO I do not totally disregard all alternate sources. I just don’t rely on them as my sole source for truth or believe them just because they tell me that what they are telling me is the truth. The Lord reveals the truth to me through his word and through his Spirit and then I look at alternate sources through that lens. Thus, some of them I believe, to a point, only because they are confirming what the Lord already revealed to me, or only if while I am reading or listening to the source that the Holy Spirit confirms for me that what they are telling me is the truth. This is what the Scriptures teach that we must do. We are to test everything in prayer and against the Scriptures to make certain that what we are accepting as truth is truth.

      Do I go to a doctor? Not unless it is required or not unless the Lord directs me to do so. Do I take medicine? No! I have been pharmaceutical dependent free for 13 years as directed by the Lord and in his strength and power, even when I am in much pain, which I am now.

      We are not to separate biblical truths from secular truths in the sense that we can believe some things from the Bible and other things coming from human beings without consulting the Lord and without consulting the Scriptures as our normal and regular practice. I know too many lies exist, so I am well aware that I cannot trust everything I think I see or hear or read just on the premise that what they are saying is truth. I have to inquire of the Lord as to what is truth and what is not. This is what we are supposed to do so that we are not easily deceived, as many are.

      Bruce, I also asked you to ask the Lord to show you who this beast is. Did you? If so, what did He show you? I don’t see anywhere where you told me what the Lord showed you about this beast, but instead you told me what you think. What if you are wrong? What if your understanding is incorrect, and by following all these “alternate sources” you are actually, in some sense, following the beast? And what if you are taking its non-physical mark (influence) on your life because you are not testing what you are hearing or reading or seeing against the Scriptures and in prayer, seeking God’s counsel as to whether or not what you are accepting as truth is indeed truth? For, in your own words you are using your own logic and reasoning.

      And I am not saying that there will not be a physical mark, but the physical is not what concerns God. It is what we give our worship to that concerns him. For when we put such faith and trust in humans and their resources, and we decide they are truth and that anything contradictory to those sources is a lie, then we are putting those sources in the place of God. And unknowingly you could be fighting against the truth and not only accepting the lies but telling others that they must also believe the lies as truth. So these human sources thus become your object of worship because you push them as truth and you go against anyone who does not accept that truth.

      So, please take what I just said to you to the Lord in prayer, and please wait until he gives you an answer, and please know that answer must agree with Scripture. When we make human truth as the absolute truth that we believe others must follow, then we are putting that truth in the place of God and in place of his word which is our only source for truth. All outside sources must come under the Lord’s scrutiny and must be tested and examined in light of Scripture and by the Spirit so that we don’t end up being deceived. God and his word must always be our standard for truth, not the teachings of man.


      • Hi Sue, I read through your response twice and I prayed about this exchange between you and I again, like I did before and I asked God what it was that I was to respond to you. And what He told me and has shown me is that we are doing the same thing but we approach it differently. And God clearly told me that the “beast” is a specific person and he will come from the house of Cain and that he is NOT a conglomerate, although many factors will unfold to bring him to his place of power, and that he is here now. He is in place and probably young. God told me this previously in a dream not too long ago also.

        You and I are basically doing the same thing but we come at it in different ways. Long ago I came to the same conclusion that you have with regard to needing to be totally dependent on God . God has been showing me for quite a while now that what transpired in the Garden of Eden between Himself and Adam and Eve BEFORE the fall is being restored and Jesus is the one who makes this all possible. This involves our total dependency on God for our thoughts (mind) our hearts (the essence of our being) and our spirit (which is joined to His).

        There are many times when I go to God and ask Him what it is that He wants me to do about a specific problem regarding understanding with a person, situation or principle and the vast majority of times I do get an answer. Not always right away although when it comes to trusting Him with a specific area, He sometimes just tells me to leave it with Him, but there are other times (usually that day or a day or two later) when He shows me His intent by bringing Scripture verses to my mind two or three times that had not previously looked at from that perspective. But I also go beyond the specifics because I am aware that I might not even be aware of, or conscious of, what I should be asking Him for guidance on a specific perspective or problem.

        So this is what I asked God to do. I asked Him to form the thoughts in my mind, to mold my heart as He would have it be and to fill me with His Spirit, all according to His will. He knows what I can comprehend and He knows what I need to know and He alone knows the whole of His will for me. That is like the trust that Adam had with God before the fall. That is what is being partially restored now and I say partially because there always seems to be something new He lays before me and sometimes I need Him to send His guidance my way more than once so that I can know it for what it is and acknowledge it.

        I totally agree that the ONLY source of real truth is God but we still do need to live here and interact with other humans and use common sense according to God’s ways and thoughts in our dealings with them. If I boil water, it gets hot. If I need food I get hungry. Day to day reasonings that God expects us to utilize. It is not wrong to use common sense reasonings as long as it does not clash with us following God’s will. I am aware of a number of things but I have one focus. And any time I run into something that I need God’s guidance on, I ask, but I go beyond that because I have learned that I may not even be aware of the need to ask Him on a particular problem or understanding, so I cover that with the umbrella of ALL MY THOUGHTS of my mind, I ask Him to mold, bring to my awareness, because I trust His wisdom over my own. And sometimes I don’t need to understand why, I just need to know God’s will for me and therein is where the peace is, knowing it and doing it, even if I do not understand all the why’s. And I do have a few of those too, but ultimately I trust that He knows exactly what He is doing and if this is something that God chooses not to correct, according to my preference, but rather that I go through it, then I trust His reasoning and I trust His purposes, over my own preferences.

        Every person is unique, different exposures, different strengths and weaknesses, and different insights due to those uniques exposures. I am not you and you are not me, the only constant is God and I believe that is the way that it is supposed to be, demonstrating the vast uniqueness in all of us, as God shows us in the workings of His hands in all that He has created.

        I am sure, if you are like me in this particular insight, that there are times when you my read something that I have written where you may say to yourself, I understand what Bruce is saying but I would not state it that way. I do the same thing, but I do not normally question you about it because I have learned to leave that between you and God, it is not necessary that you see all things and state all things exactly like me, or me like you. I know you belong to Jesus, beyond a doubt and considering that I am still a work in progress, who am I? I don’t see you teaching doctrinal errors, which is no small feat in itself.

        If I see you look at a process different from me, through your trusting in God, that is between you and Him and you are His. And so it is with my interactions with God. I also am His. I recognize God in you but it is not always identical in exactness and somehow I think this is the way it is supposed to be.

        So I am going to leave this conversation now Sue, hoping that it addresses the concerns you raised with the reasoning behind the answers I gave to your questions. I surely don’t know it all but I trust God will show me what I need to know, when I need to know it, according to His will.

        God’s continued blessings on you and yours Sue.

        Love in Christ



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