Living by One’s Feelings

1 John 4:11-12 ESV

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.”

Not Love, but Hate

There are many people in this world who claim to love others, but whose “love” is really hate. And that is because the love that they are feeling is based in what makes them feel good, not in doing for others what is for their good. The other person, the object of their “love,” is doing something for them that “fills up their senses,” and so they want that other person to come and fill them up again and again and again.

But, since their idea of “love” is all about themselves and making themselves feel good inside, and fulfilling their fleshly desires, they are not capable of giving true love in return. Even some of their seemingly kind deeds are often motivated by selfishness, wanting others to think that they are great, or in trying to coverup sin, or in hoping to get something from others in return, sometimes something that is sinful and even harmful to others.

People who live by their flesh, and by their senses, by what makes them feel good, regardless of if it is good, and regardless of who they hurt in the process, they have no clue what it means to truly love with the love that comes from God and that prefers what God prefers, and that does no harm to its neighbor. They may portend to love in that way, but they are still looking for what “fills up their senses,” not for what truly cares about others.

If these people are married, they are not usually faithful to their spouses, for marriage doesn’t consist of those mushy-gushy feelings all the time, especially if you add children to the mix. And they want their senses filled up again and again. So, these people whose “love” is based in getting what they want, and not in giving others what they need, they don’t make good spouses, and often they are those whose eyes and minds wander to others.

Many of them are porn addicts, and/or they are involved in extra-marital affairs, sometimes in same sex relationships, and sometimes in heterosexual relationships, or they are engaged with prostitution, or even with sexually abusing children, or they are involved in incestual relationships, or some go even more wild and get involved in all sorts of distortions of sex that are not generally even ever spoken of in public but are referred to in Romans 1.

And in order to cover up their sin they lie about it, sometimes in advance, setting up their excuses or their story for where they are going to be and for what they are going to be doing, which they may or may not do some of what they say, but in order to lead suspicion away from what they really are plotting to do. And then they may also lie after the fact to insure that their cover story is intact and that they have been able to hide their evil deeds.

In Epidemic Proportions

So, why bring this up? Why talk about this? It is because this is epidemic in today’s society and within the church. This is 1 Corinthians 5 on steroids! Largely due to the cheap grace gospel that is being taught predominantly within today’s church fellowships (or within the institutional church), those who profess faith in Jesus Christ are being granted permission to continue to engage in all sorts of perverted lifestyles.

Statistics have it that well over 50% (up to 75%) of American Christian men are engaged in pornography, and around 35% of pastors. And this is based, I assume, on surveys and those actually admitting to porn use. And Christian women and children are also following suit, but the numbers of women are not as high, but they may be higher for young boys. And these numbers are astounding considering they call themselves Christians.

I did my own survey one day on social media where I asked a question specific to males who obviously were not required to answer my question. I think my question was more geared toward asking how many of them could say that they were living in moral purity. I think 2 of them said they were, but the vast majority admitted that they were not, or they chose not to respond to my question at all, which could also be very telling.

And the reason that I posed my question to men, and not to women, is because the men are supposed to be the ones leading spiritually in the homes and in the church. We women are not supposed to be in positions of leadership over men. So, biblically it falls on the men to lead the family and to lead the church to righteousness, holiness, godliness, moral purity, honesty, faithfulness, integrity and to walks of obedience to our Lord.

And since so many “Christian” men (and women and children) are engaged in sexual perversion, and in perversions of love, and they are twisting the truths of the Scriptures in order to give them comfort in their sin, and in order to excuse away their sins, many of them have also become abusive to their spouses and to their children, and they are those who use other people to get what they want, and they take advantage of the weak and vulnerable.

But since so many of them are not living in moral purity, but many are regularly giving in to sexual sin in some form or another, they are not leading their families nor the church to walk in holiness, and thus the family unit, marriages, and the church are all on a massive moral and spiritual decline. And then they wonder why our nations are going through the stuff we are going through right now. I believe God is judging his people.

Broken Cord

An Original Work / August 29, 2018

Your bond is broken
With your Lord and Savior
And your testimony is
Separate from Him.

Your words not matching
Your actions today.
Repent of your sin and
Bow down and pray.

Live what you testify
In truth always.

Purity’s lacking in
Your life and witness,
For you profess one thing,
But other you do.

Not moral, spiritual.
Still of the flesh.
Not living in truth to
What you confess.

Lying about it
Puts you in a mess.

Living a lie is your practice,
‘tis true of you.
Masquerade righteousness –
None of it true.

Your heart is not given
To your Lord God.
Because of how you live,
You are a fraud.

Turn from your sin and
Give your life to God.

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