That Special Day

An Original Work / June 30, 2022

The wedding bells, they rang that day,
All was well, a special day.
Bride and groom had waited long
Now to each other to belong.

She walked that aisle with smile on face,
She was at her special place,
Groom awaiting down the aisle,
To see his bride’s welcoming smile.

Now they were married, all alone,
They had left their parents’ homes.
Time together, now they’d share,
And to each other burdens bear.

But as we know, no perfect mate
Does exist. The fruit we ate.
All born sinners, without God,
Not giving God a single nod.

The sparkle in each other’s eyes
Sometimes will begin to die.
Time is passing by and by,
And so emotions go bye-bye.

If they’re not careful, time may lead
One find other wants to feed.
Couple then begin to part,
No longer feel love in their hearts.

Marriage takes work, not come easy,
Marriage not always so breezy.
Feelings come and feelings go.
Can’t trust feelings. God to know!

God is love, and love’s not feelings.
Love is doing, feelings fleeting.
Work together, don’t give up.
God and pure love is enough.

6 thoughts on “That Special Day

  1. So true Sis. My wife (Sue) and I have been married for 50+ years and I can attest to the truth of this. Without God, you have less than a fifty-fifty chance by today’s statistics. (P.S. I love poetry, always have!) God Bless! 👍💗🕊😇


    • Roland, two of your responses to me went to my spam folder so I am just now seeing them. Thank you for sharing this with me. My husband and I are coming up on our 50th wedding anniversary soon. Yes, without God I don’t know how marriages survive at all these days. Thank you for your encouraging remarks. Glory to God! God bless you.

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