In Times of Weakness

Psalms 119:105-107 ESV

“Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.
I have sworn an oath and confirmed it,
to keep your righteous rules.
I am severely afflicted;
give me life, O Lord, according to your word!”

We all have those times when our strength is gone, when we are weak physically and or emotionally, when we just can’t get it together. In these times, as Christians, we need to rely on the strength of the Lord to see us through it all.

The past few days I have not been feeling well at all. I slept most of two days, I just could hardly stay awake at all. I felt physically weak and emotionally weak, too. I cried very easily and I was having a terrible time getting it together mentally and emotionally to be able to write, too. Sometimes I just stared at the passage of Scripture and I just cried. I had nothing in me to give, and I just wasn’t connecting.

During this time I was contacted by a friend from the church fellowship I grew up with as a child and as a young adult, for I had asked her some questions about how things were going at the church with something the church was doing to try to discover why they were dying out and what caused it all to take place. And in our conversation the Lord reminded me of at least 3 incidents where I had been hurt by the church or by church members, in the past, and so I shared these with my friend because that is what they were wanting to hear from former members of the church.

And these were tender areas in my emotional memory because they not only represent the kinds of situations I have faced most of my life, but they also represent situations going on within the church at large in America today which are not being dealt with, and which are then leaving people to suffer because of it, i.e. they represent situations where the shepherds of the flock are not caring for the sheep but they are abandoning them. And the sheep are, thus, scattered for they have no shepherd to care for them. And I hurt that this still is taking place in the church and that this is so huge, too.

Anyway, in times when we are physically and/or emotionally weak are times when our enemy will attack us in our minds, bodies, and emotions. And it is especially in these times when we need to look to the Lord and to his word for our comfort, for our healing, and for our strength. And so the Lord had me do another video talk on this subject today, so I am sharing it with you for your encouragement. For we can make it through these difficult times in the strength of the Lord, even in our weaknesses. All glory to God!

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2 thoughts on “In Times of Weakness

  1. Hi Sue, lifted you up in prayer because I have been there myself, especially as of late, dealing with my wife’s dementia and the emotional reactions that are often triggered. Sometimes we forget how vulnerable we really are, both physically and emotionally. One day at a time, relying and trusting on the Lord to see us through, seems to be the path He tells me to walk in. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and lifting you up in prayer. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours as always. ❤

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    • Bruce, thank you. I appreciate it. I seem to be doing better so far today. Yes, I am sure you and your wife are both going through some trials right now. I pray for both of you. Thank you for sharing this with me. God bless you.

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