The Lonely and Rejected

They talk to you as though you’re no one,
As though you’re pointless, waste of time.
They treat you as though you’re a burden,
As though you are not worth a dime.

They treat you as though you know nothing,
Like they should be God’s voice to you.
They act like you’re just in the way of
All of their plans they’re working through.

For you don’t fit within their purpose,
For you’re not driven quite the same.
You don’t fit their target audience,
For you don’t play their schemes, their games.

They may have been warned now against you,
For your convictions not for them.
So you they will toss to the curb
And act like you they not condemn.

“Now you’re too young to speak like Jesus.
Just wait till gray hairs on your head.”
But then you’re just an old, old fogy,
You’re “not with it,” so you they dread.

In one place “You’ve got too much with it,”
Another says, “You fall apart.”
Another says, “You’re too controlling,”
So they attack your wounded heart.

They will not listen, you’re not worth it,
For you are just a throw away.
For your convictions, they offend them,
It bothers them they you not sway.

But Jesus loves you very dearly,
Who walk with Him and His Word do.
And He has purpose now for your life.
So, trust Him fully, through and through.

An Original Work / October 21, 2022

2 thoughts on “The Lonely and Rejected

  1. Jesus loves you and works through you Sue. I can relate. It’s a lonely road, but the Lord is, and always will be with us through it all. If we hadn’t experienced all our trials, we wouldn’t be able to stand strong now. God Bless you and thank you for standing strong! Your Sister in the Lord

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    • Thank you! I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. Yes, the Lord is with those of us who are with him through it all. And I agree fully that if we hadn’t experienced all our trials, we wouldn’t be able to stand strong now. Amen. All glory to God. Again, thank you.


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