The Pathway

She walked along a pathway
And stumbled over stones.
The pathway was not clear for her,
And so she oft did roam.

Her trinkets were her treasure,
But not to others give.
She selfishly held on to those
And not for Christ did live.

He in his pride was selfish,
Held on to all his sins.
Addiction was his pride and joy,
But not to Christ souls win.

His pleasure, all that mattered,
Supplied his every need.
He not concerned for those he hurt,
His belly he did feed.

They wandered life together,
Thought only of themselves,
Although they claimed belief in Christ,
They lived their lives for self.

They bought into deception,
And followed all the lies
That told them they could live in sin,
Although truth it belies.

Now they are an example
Of how we’re not to live.
For we should live for Jesus Christ,
Our lives now to Him give.

We die to selfish pleasures,
Obey our Lord’s commands.
We follow where our Savior leads
And share our helping hands.

An Original Work / October 28, 2022

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