Celebrate Jesus

Celebrate Jesus every day
Look to Him only in every way
Make Him your Lord, and make Him King
Give Him your life and everything

Jesus is God, left His throne above
Born as a baby, just for us
Lived on the earth as both God and man
He came to save, that was God’s own plan

Lived on the earth preaching Kingdom come
Taught on repentance, and then some
Talked of obedience to Him, God
Walks of surrender to Him, no façade

Said to deny yourself, die to sin
Walk in the way He leads, truth within
Give up your old life for new life now
Submit to Him as Lord, to Him bow

An Original Work / December 11, 2022

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Jesus

    • Vickie, my thoughts on this are that if we truly celebrated Jesus every day as we should we would never participate in the secular holiday called “Christmas.” We would not feel the need to try to celebrate Jesus on a day that is primarily given over to the world and to Santa Claus and to greed and sinful pleasures and all that this world has to offer us in the way of pleasure. The two do not mix. And the Scriptures are very clear on us not blending the secular in with the religious. And if we are truly celebrating him every day, why do we need a special day of celebration besides what we do every day? And then we have to ask ourselves and God if our celebrations are what he wants, and if they are pleasing to him. For so many people just follow traditions without regard for seeing if this is what Jesus wants or not. I struggled for many years to let go of the holiday and it didn’t go over very well with our adult children when we stopped celebrating that holiday 10 years ago. There are some aspects of it I sometimes miss, but overall it really was more about the secular aspect of it than it was about true worship of Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives. So, that is my take on it. Everyone has to do what they believe God is leading them to do.


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