Appointed by God

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Eighteen years ago from this past September my husband Rick and I were training to be church planters with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (The Alliance), the church denomination I grew up under (same church denomination as A.W. Tozer was under). Rick was going for his ordination, and I was going for my consecration. So there was a district prayer conference for the official workers under The Alliance in our district which we both planned to attend. But Rick hurt his back and he could not go, so I went alone to represent our tiny congregation.

At the conference the Lord spoke to me about many things through the various people who spoke, as they shared what the Lord was teaching them through his word. So, I took detailed notes so that I would remember what all he taught me. This is a summary of what I learned:

• Preach the Word of God, not the teachings of man
• Listen to God, hear what he is saying, and then obey him
• Tell the people what God tells you to tell them and leave the results in his hands
• What you are going to do, do it NOW
• You were appointed by God as a herald and a teacher of true faith
• God has given you a clear sense of his purpose for you and an urgency…
• Fan into flame the gift(s) of God within you
• Give your ministry over to God – it is not yours; it is his
• God may have something else for you to do that you have not even thought of
• Write down what God shows you and then wait on him to bring it about
• Don’t ask God “why,” just trust him – stand firm, press on
• What you are going through is much bigger than you can imagine
• NOW is your time! – For such a time as this I was placed upon the earth…
• Be a tree climber and get a closer look at the Supremacy of Jesus Christ
• The Church is in crisis – the crisis of Supremacy
• It is indistinguishable between the lives of evangelical Christians and the world
• We need to get back to the basics – we need to put our focus on Jesus and the cross of Christ instead of on the teachings of man

All of this that was said there at that conference was meant for me to hear and to apply to my life. God had a purpose in it all, and he has made that purpose very clear to me. And it was then the Lord began to call me to this present ministry of writing down what he teaches me from his word each day and of placing it on the internet so that the internet could “run with it” (the name of my blog). I would never have imagined then the journey that God has taken me on these past eighteen years. All glory to God!
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Should I Not Preach Jesus

An Original Work / July 4, 2013
Based off 1 Corinthians 9:16-10:13

Woe to me should I not preach Jesus.
I’m compelled to preach the full gospel.
I make myself a slave to ev’ryone
To win their hearts to Christ.
All this I do for my Lord Jesus,
And for the sake of His Name;
Do it for the sake of His gospel,
So that I, its blessings gain.

Scripture notates the sins of others;
Written down for us as examples
To keep us from setting our hearts
On evil as did those of old.
Do not worship other gods of man;
Do not give your hearts to them;
Not partake in immorality.
Do not test your Lord and King.

So, be careful if you think you are
Standing firm in your faith in Jesus.
God has given his word to warn us,
So through faith we will not fall.
No temptation has o’ertaken you
Except what is commonplace.
God is faithful to not let you be
Tempted past what you can bear.
He gives the way of escape.

2 thoughts on “Appointed by God

    • You are welcome. Glory to God. Yes, I love Tozer’s writings, too, but not all of them. Some of them are a little bit beyond me (hard for me to understand), but I have my favorites of his writings, number one which is “The Old Cross and the New”.

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