Fleshly and Worldly Journeys

Titus 1:7-9 ESV

“For an overseer, as God’s steward, must be above reproach. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain, but hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright, holy, and disciplined. He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it.”

In the church, which is the body of Christ, we who are followers of Jesus Christ are all given roles which we are to fulfill, and these are assigned to us by God, not by humans. And we are all given gifts of the Spirit by the Spirit which are to be used in these assigned roles within the body of Christ to minister to one another within the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:1-31). And this is not speaking about ministry positions within the institutional church (the IC) which are assigned by other humans and not by God.

Now within the body of Christ, overseers for the body of Christ (the church) are to be appointed by other men in the church who are godly men within the church who are in spiritual positions which qualify them to appoint elders (overseers), like Titus was. And there are to be spiritual requirements for the appointment of elders (overseers). They must be above reproach, not arrogant, not quick-tempered, not a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain, but hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright, holy, and disciplined.

They must also be men of God who hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught by the NT apostles, so that they may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it. This is the way it is supposed to be done in the church, the body of Christ, per our Lord’s instructions. And yet so many overseers (pastors, elders, deacons, etc.) in what is called church today in America do not fit these biblical qualifications, neither by what they practice nor by what they are teaching.

[Matt 5:13-16; Matt 28:18-20; Jn 4:31-38; Jn 13:13-17; Jn 14:12; Acts 1:8; Acts 2:42-47; Acts 26:18; Rom 6:1-23; Rom 8:1-17; Rom. 10:14-15; Rom 12:1-8; 1 Co 3:17; 1 Co 5:1-13; 1 Co 6:19-20; 1 Co 12:1-31; Eph 1:4,22; Eph 2:19-22; Eph 4:1-16; Eph 5:17-30; Col 1:18-22; Col 2:19; Col 3:12-16; 2 Tim 1:9; 2 Tim 2:21; Heb 3:13; Heb 10:23-31; Titus 1:4-16; Titus 2:11-14; 1 Pet 1:13-16; 1 Pet. 2:4-9,21]

Titus 1:10-13a ESV

“For there are many who are insubordinate, empty talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision party. They must be silenced, since they are upsetting whole families by teaching for shameful gain what they ought not to teach. One of the Cretans, a prophet of their own, said, ‘Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.’ This testimony is true.”

Exactly! There are many such men (and women) serving in positions of pastors, elders, and deacons within the body of Christ, and/or in these institutional churches, which are creations of man. And they are indeed empty talkers and deceivers, who are insubordinate (rebellious, defiant), for they are teaching for shameful gain what they ought not to teach. And some of them are liars, evil beasts, and lazy gluttons whose god is their stomachs and who are busy building their own earthly kingdoms, and not God’s.

For what they are teaching and living, by example, is not of sound doctrine, but it is of the teachings and philosophies and marketing schemes of human beings who are building their own kingdoms and not God’s. And so many of them all appear to have been following the leadership of one man, at least initially, who spearheaded the whole thing, but it has certainly branched out and expanded to include other influencers since this all began. And this secular religious movement is not of God, but of the flesh of man.

For they are fostering a false gospel which is a half-truth (lie) gospel created in the minds of humans who were looking to appeal to the people of the world and to human flesh. Thus, what they are largely teaching conflicts with the teachings of Christ and of his New Testament (NT) apostles, for the gospel many are teaching does not slay the sinner but entertains him. And they coddle people in their sins rather than to confront them and to call them to genuine repentance and to obedient walks of faith in Jesus Christ.

So their gospel delivers no one from their addiction (slavery) to sin but it leaves them still bound in their sin, still wandering, still lost in their sins, still living in habitual and deliberate sin against the Lord. It leaves them still wandering in the wilderness, still living in sexual immorality and in secretive sinful practices and then lying to coverup their secretive lifestyles. And it leads them on journeys which are of the self, and into the self, and back into the ways of the world and of the flesh, and not to holy and godly living.

For they make no demands for death to sin nor for living to God and to his righteousness. So all they have to do is profess faith in Jesus Christ and they are being told all their sins are forgiven and covered by the blood of Christ (past, present, and future) and that heaven is now guaranteed them when they die regardless of how they live from this point forward. And many are teaching them that no works are required by God, not even repentance or obedience to the Lord, for they call that “works salvation.”

And so truly those who have bought into this human-manufactured gospel message are still wandering in the wilderness, still going in circles, still living in habitual and addictive sin, still living in open rebellion against the Lord, and many without conscience or compassion or remorse. And they make this choice of their own free wills to take this broad road which leads to destruction, which many travel, rather than to take the narrow road which leads to everlasting life with God, and which few travel (Matthew 7:13-14).

[Matthew 7:15-23; Matthew 24:11-14; John 10:1-15; 2 Peter 2:1-22; 1 Timothy 1:3-7; 1 Timothy 6:3-10; 1 John 4:1-6; Jude 1:3-23]

Titus 1:15-16 ESV

“To the pure, all things are pure, but to the defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure; but both their minds and their consciences are defiled. They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, unfit for any good work.”

Sadly this appears to describe the vast majority of those professing faith in Jesus Christ in America these days. For so many professers of faith in Jesus Christ are still living in slavery to sin and not as servants of God and of his righteousness. They may go through forms of religious practice, but their hearts are far from God for they are still living for the pleasures of the flesh and not in surrender to the Lord to do his will. They are still living largely for self and they are continuing in the ways of the world.

And so if this is where you are, still living to please your flesh, still doing what your own mind and heart dictates and craves, and not living holy lives pleasing to God in obedience to his commands, then please know this. The Scriptures teach that you do not know God, that you are not born of God, but that you are of the devil, and you will not inherit eternal life with God because your life is not surrender to the Lord Jesus to do his will, for you are still choosing the flesh over God, over and over again.

[Matt 7:21-23; Lu 9:23-26; Jn 6:35-58; Jn 15:1-11; Rom 1:18-32; Rom 2:6-8; Rom 6:1-23; Rom 8:1-14; 1 Co 6:9-10; 2 Co 5:10; Gal 5:16-21; Gal 6:7-8; Eph 5:3-6; Col 1:21-23; Col 3:5-11; 1 Jn 1:5-10; 1 Jn 2:3-6; 1 Jn 3:4-10; Heb 10:23-31; 1 Pet 1:17-21; Rev 21:8,27; Rev 22:14-15]

Broken Cord

An Original Work / August 29, 2018

Your bond is broken with your Lord and Savior
And your testimony is separate from Him.
Your words not matching your actions today.
Repent of your sin and bow down and pray.
Live what you testify in truth always.

Purity’s lacking in your life and witness,
For you profess one thing, but other you do.
Not moral, spiritual. Still of the flesh.
Not living in truth to what you confess.
Lying about it puts you in a mess.

Living a lie is your practice, ‘tis true of you.
Masquerade righteousness – none of it true.
Your heart is not given to your Lord God.
Because of how you live, you are a fraud.
Turn from your sin and give your life to God.

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