Emotions and Devotions

Don’t let your emotions ruin your devotions.
Don’t let your thinking be a cause for sinking.
Don’t let the chatter cause your faith to shatter.
Don’t turn the tables and put your trust in fables.

Time now is fleeting. Who are you believing?
Truth is what matters. Listen not what flatters.
Listen to The Bible – is that what you’re reading?
Listen to The Gospel – on that are you feeding?

Liars are deceiving. Is that what you’re receiving?
Wolves are in sheep’s clothing. Is that what you’re loathing?
Masqueraders plenty. Their teaching is so empty.
Needing much discernment. We listen not to Serpent.

Coming now to Jesus, our faith in Him now heals us.
We die with Him to our sins. Life in Him now begins.
We walk now in obedience. Face now lit with radiance.
We love our Lord and Master. With Him live ever after.

An Original Work / March 4, 2023

If interested, the Lord did lead me to make a video where he had me talk about the poem and what it means, for the poem is not unlike a Psalm, for it has a spiritual and biblical message in it.


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