Though the Earth Gives Way

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Psalms 46:1-3,10-11 ESV

“God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way,
though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea,
though its waters roar and foam,
though the mountains tremble at its swelling. Selah”

“‘Be still and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!’
The Lord of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our fortress. Selah”

If you listen to the news, you have probably heard about the recent alleged bank collapses. I think there were two of them total. And you are probably also hearing about what is purportedly happening overseas with Russia and China and Ukraine, etc. And there is talk of a looming WW111 and of nuclear war, etc. And so if you listen to much of this, and especially if you believe everything you hear and see, you may be dealing with some fears. So, this is to encourage us to not be afraid, even if the earth gives way, etc.

Okay, so I am going to share with you a little bit of what the Lord has been teaching me these past 18+ years, some of which I am certain I have shared before, but a lot of which can’t be proven by novices such as me without a ton of research which isn’t so available these days and because there is so much deception and fakery going on these days that they have the people of the earth bouncing back and forth like a ping-pong ball not knowing what is going to hit them next or what is truth and what is not.

Basically, the understanding that I have come to is that we are definitely living in the last days before the return of Christ, but where we are in that timeline, I don’t know. And a lot of the book of Revelation is written in symbolic language, and even some numbers are symbolic and not to be taken literally, so we could already be in the time of tribulation, or if we aren’t, we are getting mighty close to it. But if we are paying attention, we should be able to see the signs of the times we are in.

Now, what I believe, and what I believe the Lord has shown me, and it has been verified many times over by other people and their writings and by articles I have read or videos I have watched over the past 18 years, is that most of what we think we see is not what we think it is, for there is so much deception going on and anything can be faked and altered. So, I believe that the US government works for the elite (the shadow government) who are the de facto government of the USA and that our government heads are just puppets working for them in getting us all ready for the rule of the beast.

Left and right politically do not really exist, but they are two sides of the same team just pretending to be on opposing sides. The same it is with CNN and Fox News, just playing as though they are in opposition to each other, and the same it is between some governments, too. For many of them work for the same people like NATO and the UN and so they may play as though they are enemies when they are all working toward the same goal, which is world domination and this rule of the beast and a one world totalitarian government and a one world religion, too.

They are all like in this gigantic spider web but they are interconnected with each other and this whole thing is so huge that is beyond our own imaginations. For the banks are one part and the heads of corporations another part and the list goes on and on. And the bottom line is that we cannot trust that what we read or hear or think we see, that it is real, and/or that it is the truth, for our government lies to us, and the news media lies to us, and even pastors of churches lie to us, too. And so it is hard to know who is telling the truth and to be able to divide truth from lies.

But we can rely upon the Word of God, but even there we must make certain that we are reading out of a reliable and actual translation and that we are reading the Scriptures in their context, and that we are interpreting what we read based on the context and not on a Scripture pulled out of its context to say what it is not meant to say. And most of all, we need to be reading the Scriptures under the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit, allowing God’s Spirit to speak to our hearts and to show us what is truth and what are lies. And I would encourage you to ask the Lord to show you what are lies and what is truth so that you are not deceived.

Now, whether the things being reported to us are truth or lies, still we are not to fear no matter what happens, and if more banks close their doors, and if our economy crashes, and if we don’t have money or food to eat or a place to live, etc., still we are not to be afraid, but we are to trust the Lord and we are to make him our refuge and our strength. For he is still in control over all things, and the things the Scriptures tell us are going to happen are going to take place, so eventually things are going to get very bad.

So, don’t believe everything you hear. Test everything against the Scriptures in context and in prayer and in praying for discernment. For many liars are spreading their lies, many of which are intended to make us afraid and to get us to fight against one another, too. So, don’t let that happen. Follow the Lord and his leading and be still and know that He is God and that he will be exalted among the nations and on the earth. So make him your fortress and not the people of this world, and not politicians and preachers and your military, etc. And do not fear even if the earth gives way.

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Do Not Fear

An Original Work / June 2, 2013
Based off John 14

Do not let your hearts fear.
Trust in God. Trust in Christ.
“In My house you will find
Many rooms I have
Prepared for you,
And I will come back
And take you to heav’n.”

“I will take you to be with Me;
You’ll be where I am.”

“I am the way and
The truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father,
Except he comes through Me,
So put your faith in Me,
And do all of what I command.”

“Whoever has My commands
And obeys them loves Me.”

“I did not leave you as orphans.
I sent you the Counselor;
The Holy Spirit to live in you.
He teaches you all things,
And He reminds you of Me.”

“My peace I give to you,
So do not fear, trust in Me.”

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