I Asked the Lord in Prayer

Today I asked the Lord in prayer
If life on earth should not be fair,
Should everyone get what’s deserved
For all they’ve done, for all they’ve served.

I contemplated that in mind,
In hoping that the truth I’d find.
And as I gave it some deep thought,
The truth of all, it surely brought.

For life, you see, it isn’t fair,
For if it was, our lives not spared.
We’d die because of all our sins,
And from our sins not be forgiven.

But thank the Lord, although He’s just,
For us who’ve sinned, He did not bust,
But in His mercy, saved from sin,
So now, by faith, we’d live in Him.

But there’s a catch, not free for all,
But on our Lord, we must now call,
We must repent of all our sins,
Obey our Lord and walk in Him.

And this must be how we should live,
And to our Lord, our lives we give,
Surrendered now to Him each day,
To walk with Him, to kneel and pray.

An Original Work / April 2, 2023

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