What is a Mother?

A mother’s a woman
who gave birth to a child
and ideally she’s one
who is meek and is mild

She nurtures her children
And she puts them to bed
She feeds them their spinach
Making sure that they’re fed

Making sure that they’re safe
Keeps them under her care
Teaches them what they need
So that sin they not dare

Reads to them from The Word
Prays with them day by day
Gives them plenty of hugs
So that they will not stray

For she loves them, tis true
Wants the best for their lives
Cares a lot what they do
That they take no nosedives

She encourages them
Lets them know they are loved
But not only by her
But by God from above

She spends time with them now
Reading books, playing games
Taking them to the park
Singing songs, that’s her aim

She converses with them
Hearing what they would say
They’re important to her
Always now, and always

An Original Work / May 13, 2023

*If you did not have a mother or a father like this, but you are now a mother or a father, you can be to your children what your mother or your father was not. For there are no perfect parents, and we have all made mistakes, but we can learn from their mistakes and ours, and we can now be the kind of parents and grandparents that we ought to be.

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