Dead Men, Dry Bones

An Original Work / January 17, 2022 Dead men, dry bones, Wickedness fully formed. Hearers not, doers nay, So they all go out and play. Lie now, lie then, Truth not tell then to then. Whispers here, whispers there, Never once do say a prayer. “Turn now this way, Turnabout is fair play.” Jekyll-Hyde, double … Continue reading Dead Men, Dry Bones


An Original Work / November 18, 2021 Drama, drama, noise they’re making, Theatre, all for the taking, Cast their spells and brew their vermin, Cook their stew for all who’re list’ning. Trouble, trouble, always something, Worst is first and lies they’re mixing, Countless hours on same subject, Drive it home, that is the object. Keep … Continue reading Theatre

“Cards on the Table”

An Original Work / December 12, 2018 As scriptures teach, I don’t believe There is a pre-trib rapture. From what I read, I do perceive That we’ll go all together. For Jesus said we would be there To see the tribulation. And some of us they’ll put to death, But we have our salvation. But … Continue reading “Cards on the Table”

Life Before Santa

An Original Work / December 16, 2019 ‘Twas the life before Santa, And all through the church, They were praising their Lord, And His righteousness searched. The bells that were ringing Were calling for prayer. They were calling on God To His righteousness wear. Confessing their sins, Thus, they humbly did bow. Forsaking their idols, … Continue reading Life Before Santa