Don’t Let Them Intimidate You

The religious rulers within the temple of God arrested Peter and John for teaching the people about Jesus Christ. The next day these rulers gathered together in Jerusalem, they called in Peter and John, and they inquired of them as to what power and by what name did they do “this.” Peter, filled with the … Continue reading Don’t Let Them Intimidate You

The Unveiling

Deuteronomy 7 ESV Life Application (vv. 1-5) When the Lord Jesus saves us by his grace, through God-given faith in him, and he gives us eternal life in him, and deliverance from our addiction to sin, and freedom from eternal condemnation, and we die with Christ to sin that we might live with him to … Continue reading The Unveiling

“I Can’t!”

The Lord Jesus led me to read Psalm 1 (vv. 1-3 ESV). When I was a child, I had few people, if any, to encourage me that I could do anything other than maybe sing. I was the middle child of five children in my family. And, I had a father who didn’t think much … Continue reading “I Can’t!”