Forever With Us

While we live on the face of this earth, we will have troubles, hardships and trials. As followers of Jesus Christ, we have an arch enemy in Satan, who is out to destroy the church. So, we should expect that we will be hated, persecuted, despised and rejected of humankind. Although Satan is our real enemy, he has many people working for him whose goal it is, also, to destroy the church. And, they are coming against us fiercely, either through physical warfare or through psychological warfare, manipulation, and deception.

Yet, their real enemy is Jesus Christ and his gospel of salvation. So, they are aggressively attacking the foundations of the gospel and the basis for our faith in Jesus Christ. Their goal is to discredit the gospel, and to prove it to be hateful, bigoted, intolerant and divisive, all the while they are passionately promoting global unity among all faiths.

Yet, we are to be encouraged. Our God is completely sovereign and in control over all things and over all powers. Although right now the enemy of our souls is coming against him, and his gospel, and his followers, he will reign supreme over all. One day his name will be lifted up throughout the earth, and he will be honored and worshiped as the King of kings, and Lord of lords. One day every knee will bow and will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen!

So, we should not be afraid or get discouraged. God has a plan and a purpose for all of this, which is to bring humans to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to revive his adulterous church, to mature his followers in Christ, and to strengthen us in our faith. So, be strong and courageous! God is with us! He will never leave us or forsake us. Amen!

Forever With Us / An Original Work
Based off Psalm 46 / February 5, 2016

Be still and know
God is over all things.
Throughout the earth,
He’ll be honored as King.
The Lord Almighty,
Forever with us.
He is our refuge
When we’re in distress.

Therefore, we have
Not a reason to fear.
Trials will come,
But our God is still near.
He is our helper,
So we do not fall.
Mountains will quake,
But on Jesus we call.

Joy to the Church,
Even if sorrow comes.
Enemies rage,
But our faith marches on.
God’s Holy Spirit,
Now living within,
Gives peace and comfort,
And grace without end.

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