In Keeping Them

In this day and age, countless numbers of people in the world have lost the awe of God, i.e. the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. It has been my observation that numerous people in our day have become too casual about God, including many among those who profess the name of Jesus. And, that is why so many are living and walking in the flesh instead of in the Spirit.

We need to return to a people who have a reverential regard for the Lord, in submission to his authority and to his will for our lives, following his ways, keeping his words, believing in his sovereignty, knowing who he is, and honoring him as the holy God that he is. “All who follow His precepts have good understanding.”

If we truly love Jesus Christ, we will do what his Word teaches us to do. We will want to spend time with him each day reading his word, praying, and asking that he speak his words to our hearts. We will listen when he speaks to us, and we will heed what he tells us. We won’t just give him 5-10 minutes of our day and then spend the rest of the day doing what we want, our way. We should be attentive to hear him speaking to us throughout the day, and ready to obey him whenever he directs us in the way which he would have us go, or whenever he lets us know that we are going a wrong direction or that we need to apologize for words spoken in haste, etc.

I speak from personal experience when I tell you that there is no greater joy and peace than to walk with Jesus, to do his will, and to follow him wherever he leads you.

In Keeping Them
An Original Work / June 3, 2014

Based off Ps. 111:10; 19:7-11

Stand in awe of your Lord.
Harken to His teachings.
Follow where He leads you.
Live for Him today.

Through Him you gain wisdom;
Knowledge; understanding.
To my Lord belongs all
Worship and my praise.

Perfect is the Word,
Refreshing souls in His love.
His commands are faithful,
Guiding us each day.

Joy comes to the heart of
Those who love His teachings;
Follow His instructions.
He will light their way.

Abide in the Lord, and
Obey His commandments.
His Word is more precious
Than all of our gold.

By His Word He warns us,
Comforts, and implores us.
When we follow His Word,
There is great reward.

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