More of You

If we are not deliberate about our walks of faith, and we become lazy or slack in our relationship with our Lord Jesus, and in spending quality time with him each day in his word and in following through on what we read with obedience, the old flesh will begin to rise and will begin to become more, and Christ will become less in our lives, in our minds, and in our priorities.

Just like with any relationship, we need to work at the relationship, and not let it slide due to neglect. We have to consciously decide to make Christ first priority in our lives so that he is more, and we have to make the effort, in the power and working of the Spirit within us, to become less concerned and occupied with self and what we want, i.e. we must daily die to self.

More of You
An Original Work / June 7, 2011

More of You and less of me;
Like You, Jesus, I would be;
Loving, tender, gracious, kind,
Giving light to those who’re blind.

More of Jesus, in His word,
Which is where God’s truths are heard;
Guiding, teaching us new birth;
In Christ Jesus find my worth.

More of His thoughts in my head;
More of His words, I would spread;
Giving courage; true hope found;
Leaving sin; in faith abound.

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