If these spiritual qualities of goodness, knowledge, self-control, steadfastness, godliness, brotherly affection and love we possess, by the Spirit, and if they are increasing in measure in our lives, they will keep us from being ineffective or unfruitful in all practical knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ – in all intimacy of relationship, and in applied truths (obedience). In other words, if in our faith we supply these qualities, we will live lives which are effective in testimony, service, character, relationship, lifestyle, and in result (fruit).

Nonetheless, if we lack these spiritual qualities (listed above), we are nearsighted (myopic) and blind. A nearsighted person in this sense is lacking in foresight, prudence, insight, precaution, discretion, wisdom and good judgment. And a blind person is unable – due to being nearsighted – or is unwilling to perceive or to understand his own spiritual condition. He is lacking in both purpose and good sense.

A nearsighted (and blind) person will thus walk right into sin because he or she did not have the forethought, wisdom and discernment to guard his or her heart against it. He or she has not taken advantage of all that God has given to us by his divine power for life and godliness, but has instead decided to go his or her own way and to follow after his or her own evil desires.

An Original Work / August 19, 2013

Based off 2 Peter 1:3-11

Jesus has given ev’rything
Needed for life and godliness.
His great and precious promises
Free us from our sin and distress.

Add to your faith His goodness;
Knowledge; patience; godliness;
Brotherly love and mutu’l affection;
Kindness and unselfishness.

If you possess these qualities,
Growing in your maturity,
They will keep you from vanity.
You will bear fruit effectually.

Nonetheless, if you lack them;
Forget you’ve been cleansed from sin,
Nearsighted are you; you can’t see Jesus.
You have closed your heart to Him.

Therefore, beloved, confirm, then,
Your calling and your election.
Do this by showing diligence:
Obey your Lord; be repentant.

Practice all these qualities
God provided on a tree.
He died for our sins so we’d be given
Life with Him eternally.

3 thoughts on “Myopic

    • Well, Lynn, as you know, it all comes from God, so I take no credit. If it is wise, if it is excellent, it is because it is from God, and not from me. The only sense in which it can or should be from me is as a gift from the Father who is using me as his instrument through whom he is communicating his messages to his church, his bride. And that way, all the glory goes to HIM and not to me. Amen!

      Yet, I so appreciate your affirming and encouraging words. They mean much to me, and in turn, they encourage and strengthen my heart. And, that is the beauty of the body of Christ, is it not? So, thank you! Love you! And, many hugs to you, for you are such a blessing from God in my life.

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